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People Sliding on Icy Roads

Many of these are people driving way too fast, like morons.

More dopes-

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  1. One of my favorite idiot stories about driving on icy roads was told to me by a customer in Post Falls, Idaho years ago about the moron who was driving an SUV on I-90 between Post Falls and Coeur d’ Alene who was using his cruise control and driving about 60 mph on the freeway who went slip sliding and doing 360’s all over the road, fortunately this idiot survived and didn’t hurt himself or anyone else. I have one speed this time of year when the roads turn into skating rinks, it’s called slow and steady and hoping all the rest of the drivers are doing the same. And if I don’t have to drive to stay home and off of the roads during this time of year.

  2. Snow and ice bring out the TWO M’s – MORONS and MANIACS, neither of which should be out on the roads!
    Years ago I watched a guy driving a new Blazer with big “Monster Mudder” tires pass me on I-95 during a snowstorm. He was going WAY too fast. He must have thought he was the baddest MOFO around. Well, he tried to change lanes and the tires snagged the slush that accumulates on the lines and it pulled him sideways. He went into a spin and over into the median. Then he hit the tapered beginning of a jersey wall and slid up the wall until all four tires were off the ground. I giggled uncontrollably as I passed him again.
    Four wheel drive is for keeping you from getting stuck at slow speeds, not for maneuvering at highway speeds…

  3. I saw a clip of an SUV hauling ass on the kind of road where slush accumulates. It was 2 lanes in each direction with no fencing on the medium. Well this SUV just barely bumped the side of a box truck and immediately went 90 degrees across the road, across the medium and was broadsided by a semi doing at least 60 on the other side.

    That SUV turned into a million pieces in one second. Dude went from tooling too fast to dead in 2 seconds. Must have been a hell of a rush.

  4. People think that having 4WD let’s them drive as normal in ice and snow. They don’t realize that it helps them go. It does not help them stop or stay on the road.

    In Western Washington after a heavy snow, most of the vehicles in ditches by the side of the road are 4WD.

  5. @ Jethro, had the same thing happen on I-71 trying to get to a meeting in Columbus. The snow storm came up from the south and the road was icy. The jerk behind was ready to pee his pants because he thought I was going too slow. The left lane wasn’t plowed very well and everyone was going 45 in the right lane.

    Mega truck driver stomped on the gas, went in the left lane and kept on going into the median which was V shaped depression. Later that evening returning home jerko was still in the median and completely dug in. I laughed like a mad woman.

  6. Heres what I told my kids and grandkids when they were learning to drive.
    You can ignore and defy the laws of the road. You might get away with it. You can’t ignore or defy the laws of physics. The penalty is immediate and often with tragic results. You will always, always lose. And there is no appeal.

  7. I have a 1 wheel drive 5 speed Tacoma with studded tires and no sandbags and I see peeps with 4 wheel drive getting into wrecks because they overdrive for the road conditions.

    I live in Wyoming.

  8. Some people stopped when they saw the cars/trucks go off the side of the road.

    I wouldn’t.

    Oh, I’ll pray for them, but that’s all the sympathy I’d give them. Unless it’s serious with likely injuries. Then I’d stop and call 911.


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