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Pepper is For Sneezing – This is For Cringing

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  1. Pepper is For Sneezing
    Jackass Joe: “I need some pepper!”
    Black pepper? “No pepper!”
    Red pepper? “No! Pepper!”
    Well whut kind of pepper do you want?
    Jackass Joe: “I need toilet pepper! damn it”

  2. For God’s sake don’t click play! I’m gonna have to go buy a Mariah Carey or Yoko Ono CD now so I won’t have that little putrid ditty stuck in my head all weekend.

  3. student loan forgiveness comes to mind. sure, i would clap and sing, cheer if i won the government mandated debt forgiveness education program, compliments of the poor. and yes some integrity issues too for those who partake of the evil fruits of “democracy”. not very nice people.

  4. Who wrote that chant?…a first grader! Probably not. Just a herd of diverse leftards, chanting in unison an “inspired” brain fart about Demwit Joe, Pooper in Chief.

  5. Senor Poopypants (AKA Joe Biden) is eating up the love from these dumb kiddos.

    Joe: Kids, I love ya!

    Crowd: President Joe, we love you too…we’d love to get sniffed by you.

    Joe: That’s awesome kids, who wants to get sniffed?

    Green-haired girl with nose ring: Me, me, pick me!

    Orange-haired girl with Tats all over her face: Yes, yes, I wanna to be sniffed by you.

    Boy with one half head shaved along with pink ear studs and painted nails: Oh, please, please Mr. President, sniff me…it’ll make all my boyfriends jealous.

    After Joe had sniffed 12 kids, they filed out, some crying. One sniffee noticed something sticky in her hair, and asked a Secret Service guy what it was.

    SS Guy after examining the stuff: It’s just a load of Presidential Snot. Don’t worry about it…you should treasure it…It’s an honor to have it in your hair.

  6. A few WH staffers dressed up in what they think “the kids” are wearing and produced a little chant to perform for the Big Guy.

    Whoop de doo.

    Or in Joe’s case Poop de doo doo.


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