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Perfect Bedtime Post

Sweet Dreams

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  1. I thought it was going to be that he found a spycam over his bed. At least it wasn’t a nest of rats or ticks or mice or a maggot-infested dead animal stuck in his attic or…

  2. I used to keep a glass of water on my nightstand. Now it’s only bottled water with a lid after discovering a spider in the glass…only after it ENDED UP IN MY MOUTH!!

  3. My dad drank a centipede from a nightstand glass of water.

    I never understood the nightstand glass of water thing…

  4. There is a metaphor for the relationship between the Democrat Party and the low information voter in there somewhere.

  5. As I sit here, there is a huge spider on my window blinds. I’m watching it and waiting for DH to come back from errands to save me from it since I doubt I can successfully eliminate it with the vacuum cleaner.

  6. Plain Jane-
    Why not combine RosalindJ’s advice with Four .45’s? Can of WD-40 with a lighter. After the spider is incinerated, call up DH and have him pick up a new set of blinds from Lowes. That’s one set of blinds you won’t have to dust later. Win-win!

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