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Just Saw a Stupid Movie

Wait until you hear how stupid the plot of this movie is. It was called Compliance.

A fast food restaurant gets a call from the police. The shift manager, a woman, is told that an employee has been accused of stealing money out of a woman’s purse. The accuser is at the police station and describes what the cashier looks like. The manager tells the police that that sounds like Becky.

Becky gets called into the managers office, and the police ask the manager to have Becky empty her pockets.

After Becky complies the police say to avoid having to arrest Becky they need a more thorough search. They ask the manager to have Becky strip, After some protests, Becky does.

Now the police ask the manager to get all the clothes away from Becky and put them in a car outside for safe keeping because the clothes could have evidence on them. The police ask the manager to guard Becky and to make sure she can’t leave before they get down there. The manager says she is too busy and can’t. The police ask her if she knows someone trustworthy that could keep watch over so she doesn’t run. The manager suggests her fiance, Evan.

Evan sits in the office with Becky, who is naked except for a restaurant apron.

The police ask Evan if he could do them a favor. Could he perform a strip search on Becky. The guy is a little hesitant, but it’s the cops. They tell him they are giving him the authorization. Becky agrees because she just wants to clear her name and go home.

The police ask Evan to describe her body so they can have proof when he is in court that he really was the guy who searched her (!!?!!)

Then the cop asks Evan how big her nipples are. Huh?????  No red flags yet???

Evan describes them.

Meanwhile, the manager keeps walking in to see if everything is okay. Evan keeps throwing the apron back to Becky whenever his fiance walks in. Becky says nothing.

Next the police ask Evan to tell Becky to do jumping jacks because the stolen money might be “up in her” and they want to see if it will fall out.

Becky, scared, tired, confused, complies.

When nothing falls out the police say that it’s probably  “up there good.” They ask Evan to poke around in there for them, for Becky’s good, because if she has to be arrested she will spend the night in jail.

Becky complains, but eventually complies.

Still no one suspects that this might not be the cops on the other end of the phone.

After the cavity search the cops tell Evan that they don’t think he has total control of the situation because Becky is starting to resist and she’s complaining, so they said they need him to spank her so she knows who’s boss.

I should have turned the movie off at this point, no one could be that stupid. The movie is ridiculous.

After Becky allows Evan to spank her the cops tell Evan to put Becky on the line. They tell Becky that it was terrible of her to have done what she did, she was a bad girl for making Evan have to do that. So to make it up to Evan she should do something nice for him… like… …   you know…. ….. you know…

Stupidest movie EVER!!! Who wrote this script? No one could ever…. aw hell – Click here and see how stupid people can be.

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  1. And if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Nobody will take them away from you. Trust me.

  2. I thought it sounded like the “plot” of some x-rated movie. The caller was making up his own porn movie plot. Amazing witlessness in action there.

  3. What are we becoming? This is beyond belief. And Nancy Pelosi is telling college students that Now, that you have health coverage until age 26 you can pursue your dreams. Become an artist, a writer, travel, climb a mountain, do what ever you want. You no longer have to get stuck in an office. (Or be a carpenter, or a truck driver, or an oil driller) Be whatever you want. You have freedom, Nancy says.
    And the fucking idiots believe the bitch.
    And the girl trusted her manager. And the manager had no fucking brains and trusted the voice.
    Ah, the voice of big brother. I hope this hits the world news. I’m disgusted. Do jumping jacks?
    God help us.

  4. Damn it. This happened back in 2004. WTF. I thought it just happened. How come we never heard of it until now?

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