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Yep – True Story

And you wonder how Obama got elected.

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  1. That manager was one… stupid… fucking… bitch.

    This is exactly the kind of jackass who suspends a kid from school for eating a pop tart shaped like a gun.

  2. That was an actual plot line from a Law & Order episode. I believe Robin Williams was in that episode as the criminal.

    The current state of our political system already shows us that people are this stupid.

  3. That has to be the absolute dumbest woman on the face of the planet. Yep, that is an Obama voter.

  4. “When an adult tells you to do something you just do it” I wonder where she learned that? Was it her progressive totalitarian indoctrination in government school?

  5. While I read and watched the video I’m thinking of the Bob Hope movie clip on zombies. “You mean like democrats?”

  6. Fur, I thought for sure you were jerking us around with the “plot line” of a pron video you were watching.

  7. If you follow up on this (it occurred in 2004), the young girl got over a million dollars from McDonald’s. Jury originally awarded $6 million, but appeals courts kept lowering it until she settled for $1.1 million.

    The manager manager got a misdemeanor for unlawful imprisonment, one year suspended sentence, and eventually sued McDonald’s (for not training her right!) and received around half a million after appeal reductions.

    The fiancé pleaded guilty to sexual abuse and other crimes and served several years in prison. The manager broke off the engagement.

    The telephone hoaxer was acquitted of impersonating a police officer and solicitation of sexual sodomy, seemingly due to not enough direct evidence connecting hime to the crime.

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