Watch: Perhaps the Most Despicable Video Ever Made- The Lincoln Project Defines Antifa- This Has To Be Seen To Be Believed – IOTW Report

Watch: Perhaps the Most Despicable Video Ever Made- The Lincoln Project Defines Antifa- This Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

This Lincoln Project, each and every member, should pay dearly for this.

This is a desecration of the memories of our fallen heroes.

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  1. What say you, Pierre Delecto? Paul Ryan? Ben Sasse? Adam Kinzinger? Liz Cheney? Is the North American Man Boy Lincoln Association speaking for y’all with this piece of work?

    Speak up. I can’t hear you.

  2. Trying to own D-Day. Here’s the difference: Neither Antifa as an organization or individual member have paid a price for their destructive actions. The D-Day men paid dearly. That’s just one glaring difference.

  3. I missed the day they taught us to throw piss bottles and punch random old people in the face in order to win a skirmish or a battle.

    I wonder how many men of Easy Company self identify as antifa?

  4. Pathetic. Portraying American servicemen in WW2 as equivalent to Antifa, who helped burn down American cities in 2020, is a DISGRACE. These Lincoln Project fools are complete losers.

  5. The only good thing about The Lincoln Project is that their members are so repulsive that if you killed one of them cleanly enough, no one would work very hard to solve the crime.

  6. Despicable is far too mild a word, but there is nothing in the English language that comes closer to describe these bastards.

    Progressives are progressives first, last and always. If nothing else comes from the Trump Presidency, he has validated my assertion (derived from five plus decades of observation and analysis) that the battle is not between Republicans and Democrats but between Constitutional conservatives and followers of the progressive movement.

    The Democrat Party is a wholly owned subsidiary of the progressive movement and proudly owns being so identified. The Republican establishment is no less invested in that political philosophy (worldview) but claims to be supporters of a diametrically opposite worldview, Constitutional conservativism.

    The progressive movement supported National Socialism financially and in their own contemporary periodical literature as the Nazis rose in stature and consolidated their power from the late 1020’s through the 1930’s and right up until the very point at which Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa, attacking one of their arguably even more efficient engines of innocent human suffering, misery and death.

    Make no mistake about it, the progressive movement and each and every one of the most efficient engines of innocent human suffering, misery and death in the last century and the progressive movement have been and/or continue to be philosophical allies.

    I reject the notion that I am in any way committed to the Republican Party and consider myself a Constitutional conservative with absolutely noting but contempt for the Republican establishment.

    Make absolutely no mistake about one thing: I consider the Republican establishment to be even lower on my hierarchy of absolute human garbage than even self professed communists.

    They are nothing more and nothing less than a fifth column and deserve to be recognized as such individually and collectively for what they represent.

    My hope is that maybe someday we will have a politician who has the cajones to take this message directly to the American people once again. Donald Trump had the balls, he had the will and he had the attention of the progressive movement as an effective communicator of this message.

    That is what all of their censorship has been about. It would be justice done if at the end of the day the American people get their hands on the leaders of this sub human movement and tear them limb from limb.

  7. That’s just Fucked Up!!
    That’s not just stolen valor, that’s kicked-in-the-groin, spit on, pissed on and shit on valor!
    The only reason they get away with this is because WWII Vets are too few and too old to do anything about it!

  8. If and when this culture war ever goes hot, I mean really hot, it’s going to be a pleasure delivering justice to the kind of people who made this video. They will find out what decent men do to real fascists when they’ve had a belly full of their BS.

  9. No matter how many comments here justly condemn the video, no matter how many people publicly speak against it (or what it stands for), the truth is that our nation daily slips from the grasp of reasonableness and morality into the already present debauchery. Stand firm, but be prepared to stand in the minority.

  10. “The Lincoln Project” Video of D-Day War Footage:

    After watching, with the understanding that this video was deliberately intended to portray today’s Antifa as being the exact virtuous equivalent of our WWII soldiers fighting against the Nazis, it is plain gut-wrenching with shock, disbelief and disgust. I cannot conceive that any sane person or entity could seriously make such a vulgar angelic-like comparison.

    These mentally-maligned people(?) and all of their words, criminal acts and blind violence are the exact opposite to the bravery, honor and, for others, the ultimate sacrifice shown in this historical film.

    For absolute certainty, that all was not tirelessly spent by these soldiers and the rest of the Country back home so that fascists, such as: “Antifa” would, one day, turn against the Country they grew up in, and begin feverishly destroying all that, which those soldiers and their Country worked, fought and died for.

    Thanx for this post, BFH

    “This Lincoln Project, each and every member, should pay dearly for this.” – BFH

    Which I, and probably a lot of others, strongly agree with.


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