“Perhaps we need to bring in the army.”


Calais’ mayor on Monday called for France to send in the army to help handle an explosion in the number of migrants hoping to illegally enter Britain.

As migrants enter the EU in ever-greater numbers, Calais’ regional state prefect announced over the weekend that the numbers in the “new jungle” camp on the town’s outskirts and in surrounding areas had doubled to 6,000 in just three weeks.

“We’ve never seen this many before,” said Jean-François Corty of Médecins du Monde, which provides health care for refugees waiting for their chance to sneak onto a lorry or train and make it to Britain.

Reacting to the latest figures, Natacha Bouchart, Calais’ centre-Right mayor, said: “Perhaps we need to bring in the army.”

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  1. “The number of jungle camps has doubled in just three weeks”

    Sounds like the oil fields in North Dakota a couple years ago.

  2. Behold the birth of a new people “The Calaistinians”
    Face it France. Calais is lost. That will now become a permanent settlement. For the next century they will be clamoring for “independence” while refusing Frances right to exist.
    It’s also telling that they want to bring in the BRITISH army.
    Where’s the French army? Wait. Don’t tell me. They’ve already surrendered.

  3. the euro tunnel and the ferry ports are pretty much sealed off from the muslim invaders which is why there are 9,000 not 6,000 .cut off water and electric to the camps ,make aiding and abetting illegal emigration a criminal offence ,oh ! worst winter forecast for 50 years to hit Europe, so f*ck off back to your own third world shite hole where you belong [ed uk [

  4. This is a page out of the occupy lunacy. One could interchange the pictures. Portland, OR had to spend millions just to rehab all their downtown parks. Every one of them was ruined. Maybe that’s why this “migration” resonates with lefties. “Unwashed masses” takes on a literal meaning.

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