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Person of Interest Sought By Temple University

A Bernie Sanders supporter posted a bunch of flyers on Philadelphia’s Temple University campus calling black people “stupid ni©©ers” for supporting Hillary.

Racial slurs are but a hair’s breadth from slipping off the tongue of the most progressive of progressives. At the heart of a progressive is a Marxist, and when blacks impede their Marxist goals, the racial epithets will fly.

This person of interest sure looks Antifa. It looks like a chick, which means it’s an Antifa dude.


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  1. 💣 TRUTH BOMB!💣

    💥 Liberals HATE anonymous fliers. Hate hate hate IT! The person was smart to block their face.
    They can’t find the person, nor talk to them, and especially PUNISH THEM and doxx them, making them basically unemployable.

    💥 Why is this not free speech?

    💥 Why are racial epithets like: Redneck, Honky, Cracker acceptable?

    💥 BTW. “Nigger” isn’t their word (black people’s) it’s OUR word for you people!

  2. It would be interesting if this is a “White Ally” doing this. The hilarity will occur if they are caught. The Lefties will debate if she had the right to use the N-word. Since all hate hoax events that are done by Leftist are invariably forgiven, the Temple’s administration will set up some sort of forum to serve as a vehicle through which a “real” conversation on race and oppression can occur.

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