PETA billboard to memorialize cattle killed in Oregon crash


An animal-rights group says it’s buying billboard space along U.S. Highway 26 to memorialize 14 calves that died last week when the truck they were riding in rolled onto its side outside Madras.


JDHasty says there is already a sign—>


14 Comments on PETA billboard to memorialize cattle killed in Oregon crash

  1. How about a sign to memorialize all the dogs and cats killed by PETA, which includes people’s beloved companion animals that were often stolen from them by those hypocritical murdering freaks?

  2. My Colville friends don’t take any shit from them.

    Here is a vid of Edward Marchand #14 on my buddy Bronson Peterson’s horse Jackpot having a whip fest with Scotty Abrahamson last year:

    These PETA freaks showed up a few years ago and tried their usual shit and let’s just say they ain’t leaving Seattle or Portland and coming back over to Omak anytime soon. The Tribe knows how to handle filthy hippies and it ain’t by pussyfooting around with them.

  3. When can we expect roadside Crosses to appear for deer, raccoons and possums ?

    Will they advocate outlawing automobiles and trucks to save the critters? What about birds killed by wind turbine generators?

    Are cattle more equal than other animals?

  4. Too bad they don’t feel the same pain and sorrow for the millions of murdered-in-the-womb babies.

  5. Dear PETA, you can buy mobile sign space on the bug deflector on the Lazlomobile.
    You can dedicate it to all the bugs who die needlessly on the windscreens of the world, and I will raise awareness to your cause as I travel around Arizona making an honest living.
    I will go you one further.
    If you buy ad space from me:
    All the bugs mashed on the front of my Honda pilot will not be washed off, but will however be immortalized forever with thin coats of spray can lacquer until the entire front of my vehicle will be a solid layer of lacquered bugs.
    I would do this for you.

  6. Not going to end well. You can count on one hand the number of brain dead, anti gun, commie lovin gay liberals in that part of the state. Before getting too upset, check out the sign in a week or two. See if you can count all the bullet holes.


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