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PETA Fondles Fruit To Promote Veganism


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has divided Twitter after posting a video suggesting that various kinds of fruits will help boost libido in an effort to encourage people to go vegan.

The animal rights organization posted its video on the social media platform on Tuesday this week, and it has since soared in popularity to become a trending topic.

The clip shows various fruits cut in half, with someone handling them suggestively. Each fruit comes with a caption stating its alleged benefits in the bedroom. More

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14 Comments on PETA Fondles Fruit To Promote Veganism

  1. Not even going to watch it.
    These people are sick.
    In the meantime they kill hundreds of dogs and cats on a regular basis.
    Typical leftist hypocrites.

  2. Biden and the democrats get their way and we’ll all be vegans. According to what Mullins wrote in a local paper that $3.5 trillion includes taxes on farm animals to the tune of $6500 per head of dairy cow, $2600 per head of beef cow, and $500 per head of hogs. We can’t sell them for that amount much less pay that amount of tax. So that means no meat and no dairy.


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