Pete Buttigieg Runs away from Reporters’ Questions in Spin Room

Breitbart: DES MOINES, Iowa — Former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg ran away from reporters’ questions in the spin room after the Democrat debate at Drake University on Tuesday evening, continuing a pattern of avoiding questions from the media after debates.

Buttigieg made a rare appearance on the spin room floor for exclusive interviews with two cable news networks. But just as he has done on previous occasions, he refused to answer any spontaneous questions from other reporters. An aide rushed Buttigieg through the scrum and towards the exit as he ignored questions posed by Breitbart News and other media outlets.

The young presidential candidate, one of the last six survivors of a Democratic National Committee debate process that rewards candidates for reaching arbitrary benchmarks of donors and poll numbers, behaved similarly when he first appeared in the spin room at the Democrat debate in Houston in September. (The Iowa debate marked the first time he actually stepped on the spin room floor; in Houston, he stayed behind a rope line.) On that occasion, he ran away from Breitbart News national security correspondent Kristin Wong as she attempted to ask him a question about the war in Afghanistan. watch

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  1. Apparently he has to be protected from himself.
    One of those asswipes who might say something honest if caught off guard.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Reminds me of an old Pavlovian joke: Pavlov is sitting at a pub enjoying a pint, the phone rings and he jumps up shouting, “Oh no, I forgot to feed the dog!”

  3. Being a good homosexual christian ole Pete always turns the other butt cheek to his husband whenever his husband grabs the other buttcheek!


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