Peter Wehner Defines Bush-Republicanism Disconnect

Jen Kuznicki

This is not the first time Peter Wehner, Karl Rove’s lackey, has bashed Sarah Palin, but it is the most clear-cut example of an out-of-touch elitist Republican Party snobbery that is turning off voters.

Here we are, at the precipice of what could be a massive landslide of Republican identification, and it is directly the fault of people like Peter Wehner and the Bush elites that more people would rather identify as independents than be seen with these dudes.

Sarah Palin registered her disgust with Paul Ryan’s ten year plan, and plainly wrote why, and the Bushie protection club cannot simply take a note, they have to kick her in the teeth, throw her down, and spit on her.  And I for one, as a middle-class working mom who loves her country, am sick and tired of it.

Sarah Palin has inspired more women to enter politics than any other person in American politics.  She has rallied true conservatives to fight not only the Democrats, but these pin-headed elitist snobs who think they control the levers of influence.



6 Comments on Peter Wehner Defines Bush-Republicanism Disconnect

  1. I can’t say enough good things about Sweet Sarah, and I feel in exact proportion negatively about the country-clubber establishment elite, Dead Elephant-Gay Old Party sell-out back-stabbers.

  2. These are the same assholes who’ll tell us that the third coming of Bush represents true conservatism. Run, Sarah, run! We’ve got your back.


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