PG&E to Leave CA Customers “Blowin’ In The Wind”


A plan by California’s biggest utility to cut power on high-wind days during the onrushing wildfire season could plunge millions of residents into darkness. And most people aren’t ready.

The plan by PG&E Corp. comes after the bankrupt utility said a transmission line that snapped in windy weather probably started last year’s Camp Fire, the deadliest in state history. While the plan may end one problem, it creates another as Californians seek ways to deal with what some fear could be days and days of blackouts. More

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  1. You can thank all those pushing for Wind and solar power that don’t really know what their talking about. Where is the backup plan?? Oh, they don’t have one…how nice. Well learn to live with your intermittent power sources, brown outs, blackouts and as a fall back plan, use candles to recharge your cars, heat and cool your homes and light your streets.

  2. If this wasn’t a socialist state, controlling energy under the guise of environmentalism, private industry would figure out a solution.
    But it is, and since long before Enron our energy availability and cost is at the whim of state regulators.

  3. What’s going to happen to the wine–that is all I care about.

    The one guy spent all that money to get 8-10 hours of power in 4 rooms. Wow.


    Magnets, gravity, solar mirrors, HHO water power.

    Isn’t it surprising how LITTLE investment into new forms of energy are made? Actually, it doesn’t surprise me at all. Big utility companies and those addicted to the taxes from them don’t want you to disconnect from the grid at all.

  5. The basic struggle over power is always between government officials and those that don’t understand the desire of democrats.


    Because the laws of physics are raciss and support the patriarchy.

  7. Wouldn’t those dohickeys that are actually weights to prevent galloping conductors prevent the snapping of lines in high winds? Or make sure breakers are functional? Just asking. Maybe it’s not that easy.
    Dunno, and I’m not asking DH right now.

  8. I think, but am not sure, that the actual solution is to bury the power lines. I remember reading that it’s cost prohibitive.

    But we’ve all seen how expensive wildfires are so why not split the difference and just bury the lines in high risk areas.

  9. For 100+ years since electricity has been supplied, this hasn’t been a major problem. Until now. Why?

  10. I’m ready, got solar lights for inside the house. Put them out during the day and bring them in at night. Got propane stove for cooking, barbecue to piss off the environmentalist, plenty of beer and wine, we’ll party like it’s 1999. SPAM for those who come a calling looking for something to eat, and plenty of canned beans. No worries, I know how to prep.

  11. Because a hundred years ago you didn’t need to fill out 7 million forms to clear out trees and underbrush near power lines.

  12. @Aaron Burr: Putting it all under ground is not economically feasible or logical. Where I live, some of it is underground and it’s constantly being dug up for some reason or another. Power is out more where it’s underground that above ground. Thousands and thousands of miles of power underground can take years and years to achieve. There’s areas here where they can’t even bring in natural gas due to the terrain. We grow rocks.

    Add to that the environmentalists would stand in the way of the frog, crickets, 2-toed lizards, blah, blah.

  13. I like it Claudia. If we can just get the state to decide roads and aqueducts are too expensive to maintain, in addition to power lines, we can return California to it’s natural, pristine….and feudal state.

    Honestly, Zorro just wanted everyone to stop whipping peons, he never advocated to let them vote or have access to running water.


  14. PG&E Corp. is an organized mafia that has no regard for human life. Bottom line is always profits. Bankruptcy is always a lie while those in power reap millions, or even billions. California is a criminal state that allows this since the politicians who run the state government, also control all the resources.

    Last day in Paradise: the untold story of how a fire swallowed a town
    The fire in Paradise, California, killed 86 people. Photograph: Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images
    A bucolic community was reduced to ash by a new kind of wildfire – the deadliest in California’s history. Survivors recall that horrible day
    by Alastair Gee and Dani Anguiano in Paradise, California

    Endangered frogs delay wildfire cleanup in Paradise
    By: Associated Press
    Posted: May 10, 2019 06:31 PM PDT
    “PARADISE, Calif. (AP) — Fears of harming an endangered frog species have forced crews to delay cleaning debris from about 800 properties in Paradise, angering some residents anxious to start rebuilding their homes.

    Those tasked with debris removal have been told to wait until state and federal officials reach an agreement on guidelines to address the environmental concerns, The Sacramento Bee reported Friday.
    Construction projects often require state environmental inspections because of concerns about sensitive species.”

    Report: PG&E knew about wildfire risk in Butte County, ignored it
    By: Dan Kerman
    Posted: Mar 19, 2019 06:41 PM PDT
    “Attorney Mike Danko who represents numerous Camp Fire victims says PG&E was willing to risk its customers’ safety.

    “It disgusts me the entire company and corporation they are convicted felons and they have no regard for human life or safety,” Danko said.

  15. This is an additional news event to be applied to PG&E’s criminal power authority in California. The epicenter of the massive explosion just happened to be the whistleblower’s house.
    The Other September Coverup Anniversary: The San Bruno Drone Attack
    September 12, 2011

    “As for why anyone would want to murder Jacqueline Greig, my friend Paul Lehto ran down this info:

    By Paul Lehto Jacqueline and Janessa Greig

    Jacqueline Greig and daughter JanesaJacqueline Greig was “..a 17 year veteran with the Public Utilities Commission and specifically the lead of the natural gas section of analysts who devoted their careers to the statutory mission of the DRA (Division of Ratepayer Advocates) of minimizing costs to ratepayers consistent with good safety and consumer protection. Greig spent the summer analyzing the PG&E’s [Pacific Gas & Energy] request for a $4.2 billion rate increase.”

    “In what I’d call very effective analysis, the DRA (especially Greig, as lead) pointed to so many unsubstantiated cost allegations, including inexplicable doubling of estimates after previously adjusting for wage inflation, that the DRA countered with a $1 billion over three years counter-proposal. That’s a difference of $3.2 billion — and gives PG&E approximately 3.2 billion reasons not to like Jacqueline Greig.”

    So why would elements of military become the “hit men” to protect the profits of a predatory company like PG&E? Well, Ike warned us about “the military industrial complex,” didn’t he?”

  16. “PG&E Corp. is an organized mafia that has no regard for human life.”

    Crap…… now I want to add them to my stock portfolio.

  17. Here in Florida FPL clear cuts a wide swath along the path of those tall towers.

    Florida is the lightning strike capital of the country, but not so much for wild fires.

  18. Any time that I read or hear that “so and so” corporation only cares about profits and doesn’t give a hoot about human life, I have to roll my eyes. No corporation in this country profits by killing it’s customers (except health care of course). Utilities are beset by many burdens, including government regulations (at every level). So if the state will not permit the clearing of easements and also creates enormous obstacles to simply working in those easements, then takes NO responsibility when some shiite goes down putting the full weight of financial burden on the utility, then this may bankrupt the provider. Just because the union employees & management enjoy great wages and benefits, does not mean that the Corporation’s books are not in the toilet.
    There are risks in this life and I regret that many American citizens need to have someone else to blame (and steal money from) for everything that happens.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  19. “… LITTLE investment into new forms of energy are made …”

    “… Magnets, gravity, solar mirrors, HHO water power …”

    This is sarcasm, right? RIGHT?
    Sorry, the world has become so absurd that I sometimes fail to see the humor.

    izlamo delenda est …

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