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Pharmageddon is Upon Us

USA Today

Pharmacists protesting deteriorating working conditions inside the nation’s largest retail chains have launched their third and largest walkout of the season with a three-day movement they have dubbed “Pharmageddon.” 

Organizers estimated the effort has drawn as many as 4,500 pharmacists and pharmacy technicians from multiple chains, including CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens. It also drew support from the American Pharmacists Association, the industry’s largest professional organization, which said in a statement that it stands with every participant of the movement. More

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  1. I really don’t have any sympathy for CVS. My prescriptions had always been at CVS until one day in January when it was 10 below zero they told my wife, “you have to come back in two days to get the rest” of your [non-expired] medicine. My 1 year old child had to be bundled to return 3 day’s later. My health benefit from work only offered benefits from these outfits and I had no other choice. These companies catered to the almighty dollar and have even included a discount card so you have to buy their shit with a promo code to even get a fair retail price. No Thanks, these places can go broke and I will say ‘tuff shit’

  2. Virtually EVERY pharmacist MUST be charged with Crimes against humanity for their ongoing complicity with the plannedemic and the jab genocide. To say nothing of how many they have murdered by withholding Ivermectin.

  3. Major complaint with the daughter in a pediatric practice. Can’t get anything, everything out of stock.

    Also layoffs at Banks and Transportation.

    Buckle up sports fans. the fun is just beginning.

  4. “an even higher prescription volume – plus an endless crush of vaccine appointments, rapid tests and patient consultation calls, the investigation found.” Ummm, I think I see the problem…

    AND @ MrLiberty Wednesday, 1 November 2023, 18:59 at 6:59 pm,
    1000 TU


  5. The auxiliary staff, (or lack thereof) are a big component to the problem. After Covid, nobody wants to work. Hence the Pharmacist has to make up for the slack. My pharmacy shortened the hours, and is closed during lunch. Walgreen’s and CVS built their business model on pharmacy availability. They can’t get staff to work the hours, so the pharmacist has to do all kinds of extra stuff that is normally delegated. If the Pharmacists won’t do all that extra work it disrupts their whole way of doing business.

  6. We left our local Walgreens after many years there. Huge staff turnovers. Glitches with their app. For whatever reason our Walgreen transformed into the trans store. Every employee there was trying to be the opposite sex with abundant fishing tackle in their faces. This is country’ish suburbia! Not Seattle.

    Anyway we left for a small locally owned pharmacy. Night and day in service and consistency.

  7. Still remember self-employed, neighborhood Doctors running their offices in their houses with personal patient home visits, pay when you can. Insurance not required. Personal. Invites for dinner and conversation over the weekends and holidays by many of their neighborhood friends, neighbors and grateful past and present patients… But, Wait!…

    must have been a dream I had after medical school and before “Big Pharma”.

  8. We use a small locally owned pharmacy. He gives a better price than the big box stores even for the cat’s insulin. CVS can kiss my butt in the middle of Public Square. The a–hat pharmacist refused to fill a prescription for migraine specific meds, Zomig. claiming it was a strong narcotic. He also refused to return the prescription to me until I threatened to call the police, news papers and the pharmacy board. He was a sour old son of a Biden.

  9. Pharmacies located in stores are encouraging non pharmacy workers to strike with them in support.
    So in some communities, not only will you be unable to access any prescriptions, good luck getting your food.
    Places like Save A Lot, Lidl and Aldi stand to benefit.

  10. Optum owns CVS. Optum is a bank. They just bought my previous employer, a massive national hospice agency. They have no prior involvement in hospice. I left when they didn’t try to hide the shady fuckery and just did it all openly. It broke my heart after 11 years in hospice.

    I recall reading something about most individuals in corporate leadership having higher rates of sociopathic tendencies because ruthlessness is what makes maximum profits. Optum has proven time and time again to be ruthless for profit. CVS pharmacists are just the latest to speak out.

    On the plus side for the past 6 weeks I’ve been employed at the TN state veterans home in Knoxville. Gratefully serving those who served. It’s nice to have something to believe in again.

  11. Working conditions you take pills from a big bottle and count them and put them in a small bottle don’t worry pharmacists keep this up you will be replaced by a robot in 3.2.1.

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