Phil Collins Still Intends To Tour With Genesis Despite Physical Challenges

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Phil Collins is no longer able to play the drums due to his declining health. 

The singer is preparing to hit the road with his band Genesis but revealed during an appearance on “BBC Breakfast” that he will not be drumming, just singing, with the band as he can “barely hold a stick.” Instead, his son Nic Collins will be seen behind the drum kit going forward. More

Phil turned 70 this last January.

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  1. Correction:

    Phil Collins forced to tour at 70 years of age due to 3 divorces and a shit storm of other bad decisions

    I like his music but this theme is way too common. Lookin at you Billy Joel.

  2. Never could figure this guy out. Same with his music.

    I know he liked the Alamo. That’s it.

    One of the richest rockers though. Good on ya, I guess.

  3. Hmm, I read a story about this guy about two years ago. He had basically left his family and was living on the street. I’m smelling a big time drug problem. Like their stuff.

  4. Now for my tasteless bad puns:
    *Phil Collins is a cymbal of our times.
    *Phil Collins playing the drums in an awkward position was a snare.

  5. I just read, “Collins supports the South African charity Topsy Foundation, which provides relief services to some of South Africa’s most under-resourced rural communities through a multi-faceted approach to the consequences of HIV/AIDS and extreme poverty. He donates all the royalties earned from his music sales in South Africa to the organisation”

    He’s apparently a fool on many levels.

    But I enjoy some of his tunes.

  6. With as many musicians as we have in this forum, we should be able to muster some proper respect for Phil’s musical contributions.

    He drummed for Genesis when they were as progressive (in a good way) as Yes, took the frontman slot when Peter Gabriel left, and led the group to unimaginable success.

    Then he went solo, with even greater success, to the point that he’s known as a (damn good) vocalist, and not as a fantastic drummer.

    When he took over on vocals, they brought Bill Bruford on for the tour, to handle Phil’s drum parts. That speaks volumes. While I much prefer his Genesis period up to and including Duke, his more radio friendly later career is a trove of well crafted popular music that made girls want to finally go see the group. Prior to Duke, a Genesis concert was a ‘Sausage Fest’… no girls in the audience.

    Best wishes to you, Phil👍🥁👍

  7. My sister’s step daughter married Genesis road manager (many moons ago). My sister and her husband (my Brother in Law) hosted the wedding. Phil showed up up without a tie and unshaven. My BIL told him to he couldn’t attend until he went upstairs for a razor and a tie!

  8. 1000% Boehnerdict Ryan!

    No Jacket Required is a Desert Island disc.

    Genesis with “Home By The Sea & Second Home By The Sea” are songs that belong on every playlist. I workout to them all the time.
    Hell that whole album as well.

    Phil is an awesome talented son of a gun.
    In 1985 he did Live Aid from two continents thanks to the Concord.
    Hard to top that man. RESPECT!

  9. Needless to say, my family “connection” to Genesis and later on to Mike and The Mechanics scored me many enviable seats and backstage passes to their concerts.

  10. @Brad

    I don’t think he had a drug problem, but Booze, yes. Read his Wiki about one of his wives he split from. He re-united with her while she was secretly married some other guy. Then they split again and she trashed one of his houses & memorabilia. (Totally Ridiculous story)

    Bad decisions with women. One of them a few times.

  11. “…as he can “barely hold a stick.””

    I can relate to how nasty this is. My 79 year old MIL got to where because of neuropathy she can’t hold a cigarette, and she’s in the hospital right now because she loses her footing since she can’t feel her feet. She didn’t want to, she tries to be an independent woman, but after she blacked her eye, cut her arm, and almost broke her hip in 3 separate falls, we finally talked her into it.

    I REALLY didn’t want to either because I HATE the modern, cowardly, political hospital, but we live 45 minutes from civilization and my wife can’t pick her up alone if I’m not there even if she’s NOT severely injured, so that was the best of bad choices.

    Time makes fools of us all.

    Phil Collins is apparently no exception, God bless him…

  12. Thanks Loco. It’s funny, before reading the article last night, I was drumming to these songs:

    That’s All
    Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
    Counting Out Time
    Turn It On Again

    Here’s a clip of a guy (not me) performing Phil’s drum part on Squonk:

  13. I love a lot of Phil Collins songs and got a smile reading the comments remembering something stupidly funny, at least to me. I worked in a warehouse for a number of years which housed some equipment for the production side of the business in one corner. Everytime the equipment would start up its rhythm sounded like it was playing In The Air Tonight and I would start singing, about three or four times a day.
    Rod Stewart is still kicking too and in pretty good shape.

  14. I wore out my turntable to Duke back in the day. Love Phil Collins.

    Saw him with Genesis back in the 70s. Excellent performer.

    God be with you, Phil.


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