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Pickleball is For Old People?

Riley Newman called the ball out, but it was ruled in.

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  1. Pickleball is self-reffed on line calls. A referee can overrule, but rarely does. Newman’s sister, his playing partner, overruled her brother and called it in.

    If a team is not in unison on a call the point goes against them.

  2. And now PRO pickelball brings the sport to a new level with investors and no doubt a surge in amateur play. All those empty tennis courts around the country will be converted and … like Yogi Berra would say, “no one goes there now, its too crowded…”

  3. Whatever you do, don’t check the health questionnaire box that asks if you play pickleball. I just saw a headline saying that pickleball injuries are on the rise — and so could your insurance.

    Be careful out there, pickleball players! Who knew?!

  4. Maybe a sport for old white people?

    I kid, I kid…Many years ago, I bought up all of the Trac-ball sets at a Lionel Leisure City store which was closing. I had a dream of team Trac-ball.

    But pickleball looks like a fun sport, although I saw an ad on TV for some sort of Pickleball tournament show and the host was Steven Colbert. Ugh. Not the best endorsement.


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