Piers Morgan Rips BBC For Making Films That Teach Kids There Are 100 Genders


Good Morning Britain co-host Piers Morgan wasted no time in tearing to shreds a claim that there are at least 100 genders for human beings, a position the BBC is teaching to young children in a series of educational videos.  Morgan went so far in mocking the 100-gender theory by proposing that he could identify as a “two-spirit, neutrois penguin,” and no one could, under the new gender-identity rules, argue otherwise.

During the lengthy segment on Sept. 7, Piers Morgan argued that there are two genders, male and female, and that transgender people, for a variety of reasons, may identify as the gender opposite to their anatomy, either male or female.  Journalist Bejamin Butterworth, a gay man brought on to defend the the BBC films tried to argue that people may gender-identify in myriad ways.

Early on, Morgan asked Butterworth to describe his, Morgan’s gender. Butterworth said he assumed Morgan was a “cis-man,” which apparently means a biological male who identifies as a man.

“Listen, I’m not a cis-man, you keep calling me a cis-man, I’m a man,” said Morgan. 

“Well that’s fine!” said Butterworth. “And that’s how you can identify.”

“Stop calling me it!” replied Morgan.  “I feel insulted and offended that you keep calling me a cis-man when actually I’m a man. You see how this works? When you get into the offence business right, when you get into the offence business when everyone is offended by all these terminology, I’m offended by you calling me a cis-man.” Keep Reading

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  1. Imagine William F. Buckley Jr. just staring at a “contestant”.

    “YOU cis-white male!”

    Buckley Jr. would have just stared at the clown. It’s conjecture on my part. But that’s how I see it.

    Raise his eyebrows… “Ciiisss white male? What does that mean?”

  2. I believe pierced organ delivered 1 heck
    of an argument.I was cheering him on.
    Silly Brit pole waxer doesn’t know that
    NewYawk City only recognizes 31 genders.

  3. There are two sexes: male and female.

    There are three genders: masculine, feminine and neuter.

    People don’t have “genders”. Only things do.

  4. Let’s face it, these narcissistic, intolerant Liberal dunderfux have tapped into at least 98 ways to be offended! Surely they could do better than that! While we’re on the subject, it seems to me they’ve done themselves a real dis-service to only have only identified LGBT&Q instead of the entire alphabet… of course it has it’s limitations too, 26 to be exact, but hey, if they can invent genders who sez they can’t just invent more letters!

  5. Have the BBC identify the over 100 genders and their chromosomal sequencing. Since they believe what they are saying is science, it should be easy for them. Unless they are simply making the whole thing up, or in other words, lying.


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