Report: Gay ‘Chem-Sex’ Parties Re-Fueling HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Europe

CNS: Gay men who engage in “chemsex” parties, where people get high on drugs for days and engage in unprotected sex with multiple partners, is refueling “epidemics of HIV among gay men in European towns and cities, doctors say,” according to Reuters

Despite the very high risk of acquiring HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) by engaging in such sexual behavior, “users search online ‘hook up’ apps like Grindr for tags such as ‘high and horny’ or ‘party and play’ to find others wanting drug-heightened and often anonymous and unprotected sex,” said Reuters.

Two of the drugs often used for “chemsex” are crystal meth and GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyric acid), a drug that induces euphoria and is also used as a date-rape drug. read more

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  1. see? … they just want to be accepted as ‘normal’, just like everyone else & engage in committed relationships … w/ as many other homosexuals as possible

    one needs to ask, when about 1% of the population determines to engage in high-risk sex-practices that clearly ends lives, why does the government pour billions of taxpayer $$$ into research to cure HIV/AIDS, when more people die of cancer & heart disease (not to mention babies killed & harvested) every year?

  2. Indeed. Joseph Sciambra saw through the LGBTQ brainwashing after living 12+ years as a homosexual man. This is a real eye-opener!  #GraphicWarning

    Sodomy is a back door to knowledge to the gnosis forbidden for our own good.

    Horus was reportedly sodomized by Set(h) and by some accounts also sodomized Seth in return. Hermes, is also strongly linked to this practice. These are the gods of sodomizers, servants of the serpent sodomizer Satan himself.

    Hermes is a sodomizer. Those who practice Heremeticism are sodomizers.

    The presence of Elohim spirits usually indicates Freemasonic programming that is installed by sodomy.

    The most vulnerable age for preparing a person for mind control is between two and four years of age because of the development of the child’s mind at that age. Traumatic things can damage them worse than if they were younger or older. Also, in order to be programmable there needs to be a change in the way their mind works between the ages of two and four. That change can only be achieved by sodomy.

    It attacks the nerves at the base of the spine and causes something neurological to happen within the brain. It also has a spiritual, demonic component to it that affects the person’s mind in a way that nothing else will. In other words: for a person to be able to develop multiple personalities, they would have to be sodomized between two and four.

    “Humans are not naturally designed to receive anally. When a man and woman have sex they have the potential to create life, when two women have sex they do not, but when humans commit sodomy they are more likely to create disease, sickness and death”.
    People who have anal sex, have very specific health problems. I’ve heard about men having to use tampons to stop anal leakage and that’s far from the worst of their health problems that I’m aware of!!! The practice of sodomy also leads to the need for bowel/colon/rectal reconstructive surgery because of the damage this unnatural act causes to the human body. Like alcoholism and drug addiction it is not appropriate to promote sodomy as healthy and normal because no matter how we dress it up, this is not natural.
    I have every sympathy for gender-confused people, but the social engineers who are trying to force us to accept the LGBT(P) condition as normal and something to be embraced a la Bruce Jenner is not going to bode well for humanity.
    The anus is the point of exit for the body’s waste disposal system, with all the attributes of decay, including a wealth of bacteria and foul odour. And the rectum cannot accommodate the activity of intercourse without the high probability of injury.
    It’s sexual suicide and human depravity gone mainstream.
    The anus is not a genital, and of course, this act mocks the creation of new life. It is essentially the opposite, the continued practice leads to sickness, disease and death.

    Why sodomy is so important to Satan.

  3. There is some weird sex/death stuff here.
    Don’t understand it. Don’t want to. Demonic?
    I sure don’t want it near anyone I care for.


    The FBI automatically profiles gay white men as serial killer suspects until evidence shows otherwise. That’s how common the very low percentage of gay men in the population become very high percentage suspects. They are all mentally ill psychos.

    🚨🚨 POZ PARTIES 🚨🚨

    This is nothing new really. Gays have been having drug-fueled “poz parties” for decades. Someone is HIV positive, and some people aren’t. No one knows who is or isn’t. They all have a huge orgy and the new members get HIV, and are full-blown members of the community! Congratulations! You are now eligible for sympathy…..and the latest drugs to reverse what you willingly accepted!

    Sexual Ecology and the Destiny of Gay Men

  5. Demonrats must allow unfettered immigration because the majority of straight younger Demonrats eschew breeding due to climate religious devotion and a high percentage of the remainder are gay and not reproducing either. In addition a large percentage of Demonrats die early due to the satanic behavior they embrace with such enthusiasm.

    When you add in the rampant embrace of abortion millions more are never born to become Demonrats so you have to replace the population of voters somehow.

    Since ignorant populations of refugees and immigrants breed like bunnies their numbers are necessary as votes to sustain the machine of the globalist cabal.

    This is why Europe has embraced refugee invasions from third world shitholes, and the current crop of Demonrat handraisers will tear down the wall.

    It’s really very simple, Demonrats are globalist and globalist are a cabal of Satan worshippers who enjoy chemically induced sodomy…

  6. Europe embracing death cults in the middle of chaos is nothing new (see ~AD 1350, for instance).

    They seem to go fuckin nuts every time they allow the Four Horsemen free reign (rein?).

    Now that their “culture” is inundated with rat-people and nihilism, all bets are off.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. refresh the page once or twice and an ad pops up for HIV HIV HOORAY! treatment for hiv that lets “you be you” with out spreading hiv.

    I think……I think I’m officially old now.

    My mind refuses to accept this as reality, yet… we are.

    However, I can get my mind around Tims dilemma. Its’ ‘rein’ buddy. That much I’m clear on. I can hold onto that, ground myself with ‘rein’. That has to do with horses. ‘Reign’ is what kings and queens do….and the Motorcycle Boy for all you Rumblefish fans out there.

  8. “Report: Gay ‘Chem-Sex’ Parties Re-Fueling HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Europe”

    Why is that such a bad thing? I’ve seen pictures of homos with AIDS dying. It’s such an excruciating illness that will kill you. Anyone who engages in deviant sexual conduct will get their day at the morgue. Not one cell in me feels any sorrow for them.

  9. I have no sympathy, no respect for these creatures. Maybe God still loves them, but I despise them.

    Allowing yourself to get infected with a deadly disease ought to be condemned in no uncertain terms by the medical industry, but I don’t see the alarms or red flags going up.

    Of course, we must believe that they were born that way, so we must accept these pedo-perverts and cry buckets when they commit suicide.

  10. “The presence of Elohim spirits usually indicates Freemasonic programming that is installed by sodomy.”

    that’s some pretty twisted there.
    talk to someone about it, please.

  11. Thanks, Aaron.

    Being the Four Horsemen, I couldn’t decide whether there was a sort of sovereignty in their rampage across a continent (or the World), or, using the “Horsemen” allusion more literally, that God allows them to rampage without “reining” them in.
    I am vaguely aware of both definitions, just not really clear on the nature of the Horsemen.

    Again, thanks.

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. Okay, but there should be a limit on publicly funded health care if they deliberately choose a high-risk lifestyle. Yes, there are good AIDs drugs now, but if you willingly set out to get the disease, you pay for your own drugs. Or die. At this point, I’m beyond caring which.

  13. Okay, I’m going to just repeat what someone else has already said in a previous comment,
    many gays are sadistic and enjoy infecting others with their viruses, and many are masochistic and WANT to be infected.

    It’s this sick depraved game of life and death, and our country spends billions on it’s ‘cure’ each year so that they can continue their filthy kink game.
    It’s ridiculous. And I don’t feel sorry for them when they are LITERALLY seeking out the HIV virus.

  14. “AIDS is a badge of honor.”
    (may be a paraphrase)

    Dick Sargent – proud faggot proud of his faggotry

    izlamo delenda est …

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