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Pitcher Batter Combo in Iconic 1986 Playoff Battle Are Now Both Gone

Donnie Moore, relief pitcher for the California Angels, had one batter to get past to send the Boston Red Sox down in defeat and advance to the World Series. Had Moore not given up an ill-timed home run to Dave Henderson, a poke that came with 2 strikes and 2 outs in the top of the 9th, his life might have been very different.

Henderson's most famous moment was his home run in the 1986 AL Championship Series for Boston Red Sox (pictured playing the Mets in New York in 1986)


Wiki-  When he was cut by Kansas City, he’d really been depressed about that. I mean, here he is, the high-life career…then all of a sudden, it’s gone. He comes back home…and the marriage, the family, is all destroyed. I mean, what else does he have left?

— Demetria Moore on what drove her father to his final acts of desperation

Sunday, Dave Henderson, 57, died of a heart attack.

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  1. I am going to miss hearing Dave Henderson occasionally in the Seattle Mariners broadcast booth this year. Farewell Hendu and God bless, You were a very good player for the Mariners, A,s and Red Sox and a class broadcaster as well.

  2. It’s sad that in popular media, one man’s lifetime of work is erased by one event. Nobody remembers the amazing career of Bill Buckner, either, except that ball going right between his legs in the 1986 World Series. I know BFH remembers it.

  3. Fans forget that Gary Lucas plunked Rich Gedman in the back just before Moore came in and gave up a two run shot to Henderson. Fans also forget that the Angels came back and tied the game in the 9th and should have won it with bases loaded and one out. Fans forget that in 1986, Donnie Moore had a great year as a reliever, and Gene Mauch would put him on the mound again if he had it to do over.

    Henderson may have been responsible for two home runs in that game – the shot he hit off of Moore, and the ball that earlier bounced off his glove and over the fence to increase the Angels’ lead. Henderson also had a sacrifice fly in extra innings to provide the winning run.

    Two players, who each appeared in hundreds of major league games, and whose careers are largely remembered for one game – one as a hero and one as a goat. RIP Dave Henderson.

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