Planned Parenthood Docs Failed To Report Rape, Don’t Wash Their Hands

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Planned Parenthood staff did not report multiple rapes of a 14-year-old girl who got two abortions at the clinic that were four months apart, the Alabama health department found during a recently published review of the clinic.

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9 Comments on Planned Parenthood Docs Failed To Report Rape, Don’t Wash Their Hands

  1. I was leaning more towards:
    The Hitlery Clinton Foundation’s:
    Margret Sanger Genocide Clinic

    Ouch, Godwin bit me!

  2. Need to get this rumor started: Planned Parenthood distributes placebo birth control pills. They need abortions to keep their pockets lined.

  3. Surprised they dont solicit for abortions. Free ipad for every 4th abortions. Start collecting your coupons today.

  4. Green stamps (especially if you’re a greenie, dope smoking, bunny kissing, tree hugger etc.) for abortions, an idea that would go over well in the ghettos. But they really should be red or black, red for innocent blood and black for evil.

  5. I remember when I was a kid my Parents would get on the buses that would go to the Right to Life rallies in D.C. They would leave from the churches full of loyal parishioners that believed it was on the level. Hundreds of thousands would show up on the mall. Unbeknownst to them, the homopedos in the church hierarchy were setting them up as stooges. Wink and nods to the fellow homopedos in power in D.C.

    Imagine if instead of wasting their time pissing in the wind at these phony rallies in Washington, they descended on the Planned Butchering clinics and overran them.

    They claim they don’t just butcher babies but provide mammograms, pap smears, diabetes testing, all of this other women’s health services. So if the pro life women battered them with demands for these services, which we know they do not provide, they would collapse. They would deny them access to these alleged services because they don’t do them.

    1000 women a day showing up at their clinics and invading them. Demanding their free resources. Drain them. Infiltrate them. Collapse them. And then sue them for discrimination and malpractice. Bankrupt them. Expose them. That’s how you fight them. Hi Jack them.

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