Obama to let China handle Iran’s plutonium plant


The accord helps maintain the non-proliferation mechanism and safeguard Iran’s rights on civil nuclear energy, [Foreign Minister] Wang [Yi] said, adding it also “created more favorable conditions for the development of the China-Iran relationship.” China will work closely with Iran to ensure the implementation of the deal and continue to play a positive and constructive role in redesigning the Arak heavy-water reactor and other issues, Wang added.

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12 Comments on Obama to let China handle Iran’s plutonium plant

  1. What could possibly go wrong with this dumbass idea? Why, everything of course. DUH! What a maroon! He wants to trust the friggin Chicoms as well as the Iranians, Gimme a friggin break! I’d swear he’s deliberately trying to destroy America and nobody will call him out because that might be racist. God help us because the gutless weenies in the GOPEE sure as Hell won’t.

  2. Nobody’s been talking about a Plutonium plant.

    That’s a whole new can of worms, then, isn’t it?

    Kerry and Obama’s treason is just about complete …
    and irreversible.

  3. You may or may not agree with Trump on many things but you have to agree when he says “We have STUPID people in charge.”

  4. That’s ridiculous Tim.

    The plan is for Congo and Sudan “peacekeeping” troops to go door to door in America to confiscate guns.

  5. All kidding aside, this will end badly. Badly for Iran, America, Israel, China, and/or Russia – I don’t know – just a weird feeling – y’know … like seeing an oriental person driving a car?

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