Hillary shuts down Ed Henry’s questions on Huma

She’ll answer what she likes, Ed.

Legal Insurrection– Is Hillary Clinton nervous, irritated, or both?

hillary mad

If I’m placing my bets, I’m going with nervous. Things aren’t going well for her—recent polling shows that voters like Vice President Joe Biden (some like him even more than they like Clinton,) the media is closing in on her inconsistencies regarding her server and personal email accounts, and from a legal perspective, the federal judge tasked with handling Judicial Watch’s official inquiry into her time as Secretary of State is less than impressed with the answers her generals have provided in court.  more

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  1. I wonder if she has faced that moment yet when she knows – for certain – that it is over. Obama has betrayed her. Even her hated subjects aren’t fooled anymore. No more threats, schemes or killings will keep her out of jail.

    Maybe she will never have that moment even as she is taken away in handcuffs. Or a straight jacket.

    I’m betting the straight jacket.

  2. “Let me allow you one Right, since that’s all I think you’re entitled to.”

    You can almost feel how much she’s aching to become MUSSOLINA.

  3. Although some on her team HAVE claimed that she ALREADY has enough electoral donors…err…votes, the whole Federal investigations thing could well indeed be her undoing in spite of all the previous payoffs.

  4. We have yet to reach the moment I have prayed for: when the monsters turn on each other.
    Obola, Hill, Lois Lerner, dickHolder, Menendez, Schoomber, Pelousy, Reid… so many scumbags. Wouldn’t it be the bomb if they all started INCRIMINATING each other on their way down !

    Like one exhilirating Three Stooges pie fight finale !

  5. Hillary has a million clones — look at all these liberal fascist women on campus… FemiNazi is a perfect description.

    All smug-looking, wearing straw hats, sandals with socks, buying ‘organic’ … with an icy, dead look on their faces. Those Planned Parenthood videos – they have captured the archetype on film and they have multiplied like roaches.

  6. Not yet. When she does we will all know it because the Kenyan birth certificate she’s sitting on will be made public.

    I still can’t believe the Clintons didn’t just have him snuffed to get a photo op of her with a blood splattered blouse pushing for gun control.

    But it was hilarious watching her say the Biden, “should think about what’s best for him and his family”. She even kind of looked like Brando in the Godfather when she said it!

  7. I think she isn’t going to allow herself to be imprisoned. I think that she will simply disappear. I don’t know how and I don’t know where she would go, but she isn’t going to let herself go down.

  8. Agreed. She already has the Mao outfits, just needs plastic surgery to look the part. New residence in China.

  9. This is the look that launched a thousand decisions to join a celibate priesthood.

    This is the look that curdled the semen in the testicles of the photographer who took it.

    Emasculation took a selfie. This is it.

    This picture hangs above the fireplace in Satan’s livingroom.

  10. I got ten bucks that say that a sudden illness pops up, causing her to drop out.
    This way she can play the sick Grandmother card as they try to haul her away to jail
    Then she can run away to go live underground in an abandoned factory and transform herself into a large spider, and prey on dogs and raccoon and opossum that wander to close to her lair.

  11. I have laughed until I can’t breathe! “dickHolder”…..! OMG…so funny. Where is he these days? He sure was in a hurry to get out of the Washington mess. Goodness only knows what else he has done. Thanks for the best laugh I’ve had in ages.

  12. BTW, how did that hag ever get confirmed?
    Any qualifications? Previous experience?

    I might ask the same question about the other amateurs and assholes in the current administration.

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