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How Long Can Lindsey Graham Stay in 2016 Race?

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[…] The poll released Thursday showed nothing new: The South Carolina Republican has been unable to differentiate himself from other candidates in any way. But the national poll — which says that 13 percent of Republican or leans-Republican voters said they’d never vote for him and zero percent said they would vote for him — shows that things are not improving.  more

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  1. I am quite proud of my state of SC for electing a black man to the senate, a brown woman to governor and a light in his loafers white man to the senate, Lindsey, you are done, that’s it, have you no humility or pride man?
    We already know you fudged (pun intended) the NG stuff, want more of your shenanigans to come out, fold the tent, roll the bag, kick the tyres, hit the road.

  2. I can’t wait for Lindsey to pack up his Little Miss Candidate board game and quit. This is the same guy that said the other day he’d beat Trump’s ass in SC. I don’t think he meant “beat”.

  3. He’ll stay as long as the Chamber of Commerce and GOP Establishment have use for them. And not a minute longer!

  4. I keep calling and calling to offer support and cash, BUT HE NEVER ANSWERS HIS CELLPHONE

  5. There’s only one way he can remain in the race, at least in the eyes of the media weenies and pundits: announce that he’s in the process of becoming Loretta Graham.

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