Tonight’s Smoothiness by BigFurHat

This man has reinvented how to play the saxophone in a very unique and modern way.

In his latest video he takes on the sound of strings.

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  1. I’m impressed. Sax is one of my favorite sounds (well, almost any brass). I, too, have never heard it treated this way. I almost didn’t finish listening, but could stop. By the end I was hooked! Listened to several more.

  2. As a sax player, I would be remiss, although normally made of brass, the saxophone is a woodwind.
    Brass instruments make their sound by the player vibrating their lips, a reed woodwind uses a single or double wood reed, usually bamboo, to produce the good, good, good vibrations.
    Single reed, clarinet, sax, double reed, oboe, bassoon, english horn, called a horn, really a double reed woodwind.
    Flutes and recorders, although not using a reed, are typed as a woodwind as well.
    Thanks for your patience.

  3. Oh, I didn’t know that.

    Is there a name for all the instruments that make music when you blow into them? All I know about music, I learned in 1st grade when I played the triangle!

  4. Harmonica?
    Sorry, flip answer, not that I am aware of.
    Maybe I will call my friend Dr. Stanley B. Bald, if anybody knows, it will be he.
    He was cue bald at 18, were in bands together, when he got his PhD at 35, I walked on stage, gave him a YUGE bouquet of roses and kissed him on top his bald head, Chuck Mangione is statuesque next to Stanley.
    30 years later, every time I see him, he has to tell that story.

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