St. Louis Leaders Agree to Minimum Wage Increase to $11/hour

We have to work on the minimum rage in St. Louis.

8 Comments on St. Louis Leaders Agree to Minimum Wage Increase to $11/hour

  1. Minimum wage is for the lazy and/or stupid.

    QuikTrip starts 16 year old part timers off at over $8/hr here in the Fort Worth area of Texas.
    Unlike 7-11, they seem to weed out the drooling morons too.

  2. I make $30 something an hour.

    Strong work ethic, punctual and reliable, excellent people skills (sometimes have to use on very difficult people), talent as a writer, multilingual, Ivy League college, 38 years in the full-time workforce. Also SERIOUSLY good at what I do–supervisors think the sun shines out my ass.

    I course, I work in the civil service, so I make the same as undereducated, incompetent, loserinos with the people skills of mosquitoes.

  3. The denizens of St. Louis wouldn’t work biting holes in doughnuts for $50 per hour, much less for $11.
    That’s ~23,000 per year, and they can get ~$28,000 on welfare.


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