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This is a Play-Doh form sold for kids. It’s meant to shoot icing (I’m not kidding) in the Cake Mountin’ errrr, Mountain, set.

Has Bro, I mean Hasbro, is offering to exchange the toy. They’re offering to hook you up with an open-minded couple on Craig’s List that will accommodate a fair exchange.

Seriously, though. This passed all screening through every phase of the manufacturing process?



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  1. With all those bumps and ridges, they should market it to single chicks.
    Maybe that’s who they had in their focus groups, which would explain how it got approved.
    Well…the name does have “Play” in it.

  2. They should include one in every box of ObamaCare; just like they used to put prizes in the cereal boxes when I was a kid.

    Just make sure they put it at the bottom of the package so the consumer doesn’t realize how screwed they are until it’s too late.

  3. Does it come hidden in the bottom of a jar of Ovaltine with a secret decoder ring. Wouldn’t Ralphie be surprised! This would have been perfect in a box of Kellogg’s Pep cereal back in the day. Or a box of Wheaties with gay barry’s mug on it. Open it up kids for the surprise inside and watch your parents freak out (assuming you have normal parents). I’m glad I was a kid when Play Dough was just that.

  4. The modern puritanism is expanding at a fantastic clip!
    The days of one of we mechanically inclined people referring to parts as ‘male’ or ‘female’, in public are long gone, and heaven forbid we have to explain what an “RCH” is!
    Any reference to sexuality, implicit or implied, unless it is pornography is treated with revulsion and cries for it to be forever banned from eye or ear.
    Discussing the sexual behavior of male homosexuals is OK at any dinner party, but refer to a lamp as male, and the socket female, and you are off the guest list forever.

  5. I use “Like a Play-Doh extruder” when I try to describe the diff between a mouse turd and an American Roach turd to a customer that has found one of these two in their home.

    Mice, being mammals, have relatively pointy ends and have a curve to them, A.R.s don’t.

    Yes, I know my s**t. I have to. It’s my job.

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