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Play Stupid Games…

Kansas high school ‘assassin’ game ends with girl’s father allegedly shooting, paralyzing teen.

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  1. You know all those war movies where one side is charging the other, and the one holding their fire is being commanded to “HOLD!…HOLD!…HOLD!

    We need to be that steady force, keep our cool, powder dry, steady hands, until needed.

    It’s hard to do when you have the pent-up frustrations of broken border, rampant crime, failed economy, struggling to feed the kids, WWIII looming, trying to take out our candidate with obvious bullshit…etc..etc.

    We need to hold our fire. The time to shoot will come. Be patient.

  2. The adult is basically screwed. If he had been there and shot the teem immediately after or as he was shooting his daughter then “self defense” might be a good claim. I doubt it now.

    However, the two friends’ families should have to pony up some cash for their part in this stupidity.

  3. Have Gun, you have a good point, however, someone shooting at my kids might make it time to shoot. His daughter might have believed it was a real gun these idiots were using.


    We have no infrastructure. No organization. No command and control. If it starts it will be kinetic and spontaneous. And regional. I hope you actually carry a gun.

  5. Brad, no update on the Chechen shot by the Special Forces Operator in Moore County NC. The US OPEN is here this week and everyone I know thinks something is going to happen. No one is talking or giving updates on the 20 other Chechians that fled the hotel either. Something doesn’t feel right…

  6. JGTuck

    Thanks for the update. There’s so much subversive shit going on right now it’s impossible to keep track of it all. Did the feds ever find that container they were after? Was the Commander ever charged with anything? That just freaken disappeared off the news cycle.

  7. Every May, near the end of the school year, I see reminders on NextDoor that it’s ‘Senior Assassin’ time. “It’s just a game! Fun for kids every year! No one panic!”

    Gun control nuts out here are perfectly fine with it. Weird.

  8. Brad, he was never charged and no one is talking about the container! No One! Which makes me feel like it was really bad.
    My head is on a swivel this week.

  9. It is blatantly obvious none of the commenters here have ever fired, been hit by, or shot a gel bead gun. There is paintball, ouch but nothing serious. Harmful to eyes and teeth. Airsoft, pretty much same thing but add ears. Then there are gel guns. this is like a airsoft sized paintball. Definitely a risk factor waaaaay under the other 2. Pretty hard to mistake from a real gun.

  10. I will have to admit I would looking for a pound of flesh if somebody fired a gun at my daughter in a Walmart parking lot. Different story if you want to do that sort of thing in the back yard.


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