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Congress Beats the Market


Public polling shows most Americans don’t think much of Congress. But some investors think lawmakers are doing one thing right — picking stocks — and this has prompted a whole new class of products to copy their trades.

Traders and market watchers are using publicly available data to track which lawmakers are reporting big stock market gains. They believe that information provides an edge on the market, and companies are selling access to tools that track those profitable lawmaker trades. More

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  1. So NPR is presenting this as a new stock market strategy rather than question why congresscritters are so successful in stock trading?
    Unbelievable – another reason NPR is the epitome fake news.

  2. They keep passing bills allowing surveillance on us so I guess turnabout is a fair play.

    Until they pass a bill, and they will, outlawing surveillance on them.

  3. I know lawmakers have to file periodic financial statements (quarterly? yearly?) but other than that how the heck can you track an individual’s stock trades? Where do I find a daily log of transactions with lines telling me details such as “At 3:10 p.m. Glen Heflin bought 200 shares of YUMACO at $19.57”?

  4. Obviously they have insider information. It’s not even debatable. Just more of the blatant corruption happening in DC every single day. Just check stock trades relative to pharmaceutical / medical companies before and during Covid by members of Congress.

  5. I would take about half of those 88k new IRS agents and make them audit every member of Congress and the Cabinet as well as their staff. The rest become Border Control agent or unemployed


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