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Plus-Sized Woman Says It’s Bigoted to Not Be Sexually Attracted to Her

Her thinking is strange.

She says “preferences” are when you are looking for someone who likes pizza, or kayaking. It’s not a “preference” to exclude an entire group of marginalized people. It’s problematic. It’s fat-phobic.

She says lumping all heavy people together, and not seeing them as individuals, is akin to lumping all black people together because you just don’t like them, and that’s racist. So doing that to heavy people is some sort of “ist” as well.

Is it bigoted to not be sexually attracted to ugly people? I ask this because she happens to be attractive.

She would most likely be preferred over a heavy ugly girl. So, is that a problem?

Any guy that likes heavy girls, and there are plenty of them, but is attracted to her over the rest of the bunch, is being bigoted. And my guess is that would just be fine by her.

I think in her world, people get together by lottery. And you better damn well be attracted to that person, or else you’re a very bad person. Too bad for her when she gets the 85 year-old black woman as her sex partner.

What??? Isn’t it bigoted to not be attracted to the opposite sex?

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  1. I couldn’t afford to feed it and I would be afraid it would eat me if it got hungry.
    Besides that, me constantly throwing up would hopefully turn it off, hopefully..

  2. I know that tent she is wearing takes a massive amount of fabric but couldn’t she buy just a little more and cover up those udders? UGGHH!!

    Her fatness aside, that voice would be a deal breaker.

  3. Sorry honey, I only have “one” 5 pound sack of flour and you look like a two bagger to me.
    Best of luck losing weight, changing your attitude and finding a soy boy.
    Honesty is the best help for her.

  4. Regardless of her physical condition, the fact she already hates people who don’t find her attractive is proof that while beauty may only be skin deep, ugly personalities go right to the bone.

  5. You are all pigoted, errr… bigoted!

    Guys are more judgmental than women.
    Women are more open-minded about men who aren’t so attractive………. as long as they are rich.

  6. Funny thing is, If she lost 150 pounds she’s wound be an attractive young lady. I think her attitude would change too.
    It’s her choice to be unattractive to many men, don’t whine and bitch about your choices and most men’s desire and discernment

    DR. cato will no longer give advice to condescending Fat Girls.

  7. One, you’d flip the kayak over.
    Two, you probably snore like a buffalo, since you blew a hole through your CPAP mask, so he can’t get any sleep.
    Three, he wouldn’t see any pizza.

    Get over yourself because you are too damn lazy and not willing to lose weight, especially at your age.

  8. She’s a twosome, she’s a foursome, if she’d lose some, I might like her more. Oh, we don’t want her, you can have her, she’s too fat for me. She’s too fat for me, much too fat for me. She’s too fat, much too fat, she’s too fat for me.
    -Frank Yankovic

  9. I don’t remember who said this but it was very solid diet advice:

    “Avoid eating at restaurants that serve you from a trough.”

    Fuck It makes me laugh, but it really is true.

  10. I didn’t read all the comments so this may be a repeat. When I go to screw I don’t care much what they look like (tweekers and heroin heads excepted). But to breed? Tall, strong women, with tall, strong people behind them. You don’t like that? Well, fuck you.

  11. What a bunch of meanies! I kinda like her thinking.
    As a woman who’s age matches Biden’s IQ, I’d like to have a nice young fella for a partner instead of some old geezer.
    I know a couple of ‘big women’ and they have admirers, one is getting married soon. They are nice people, fun to be around, and yes, there is someone for everyone (as Granny used to say).

  12. Bonn Scott wrote a song about beached whales ladies like her, called a “whole lotta Rosie” Hate to say it, but she looks like something that washed up on the beach after a storm.

  13. It isn’t “racism” or “fatism” or any other kind of “ism:” it’s discrimination.
    We all do it, every day.
    Some like white bread, some like whole wheat, others prefer pumpernickel, and even others prefer sourdough or rye. Doesn’t mean we’re “breadists” or anything, just means we have preferences – and in a free society we’re (supposed to be) free to follow our preferences.

    But I guess when you’re the center of the universe, shit like other peoples’ preferences seem offensive.

    Oh well, since we’re “celebrating” psychotic behavior she has a forum.

    izlamo delenda est …

  14. She compares her group of fatties to black and disable people. Well people generally don’t choose to be black or disabled unless they are suffering a psychological issue like Rachel Dozel and those morons that go ask to be blinded or have a limb removed because they identify as disabled. Meanwhile I can guess what goes into this woman every day – about 20,000+ calories. And how insulting – she suggests blacks and disabled people are victims like herself. Here is a thought, no one wants to date you because you are an annoying woke idiot with the crazy eyes of a lunatic.

  15. Liberals live on logical fallacies. They are living, breathing logical fallacies.

    Ergo est ergo prompt…

    They live only for their emotions and never validate reality.

    I read an article once that says the brains of liberals are different than normals.

    Idiocracy has a big fat monstrously obese fangirl.

  16. @BFH You are mostly right about women and their preferences. Traditionally, women needed mates who could support them and their offspring. That is no longer really the case, but it is still a part of who we are. However, in my youth I dated an extremely wealthy man, who was a wonderful, kind gentleman but was not particularly attractive to me. I ended up marrying a man who was attractive to me but also has a good work ethic. We struggled in the early years but it was all worth it. (I know this has nothing to do with fat girls. I don’t find fat people attractive at all.)

  17. Cynic May 29, 2021 at 2:21 am

    Lay on top, slap her thighs, and ride in on the wave.

    One rip current by that wave, it will send you under. Try to get out of that one!

  18. Sorry pork chop but you don’t get to decide my preferences. Take a leisurely stroll down MLK Boulevard. Or maybe bring a bag of apples to those famous donkeys in Tijuana.

  19. What she’s really saying is that she fully expects to be eagerly pursued by highly sought after men that are clearly out of her league.
    She could find men, just not the ones she feels she deserves.

  20. …not speaking to this person’s attitude, which clearly has YEARS of anger and hatred behind it, but just a note for the “just put the fork down, Orca” crowd that thinks weight control is ALL self-restraint…

    …I have a niece who was born with a variant of Prader-Willi syndrome. It’s very rare, but if you win that lottery as she did, you get this as your prize;
    “Prader-Willi syndrome is a complex genetic condition that affects many parts of the body. In infancy, this condition is characterized by weak muscle tone (hypotonia), feeding difficulties, poor growth, and delayed development. Beginning in childhood, affected individuals develop an insatiable appetite, which leads to chronic overeating (hyperphagia) and obesity. Some people with Prader-Willi syndrome, particularly those with obesity, also develop type 2 diabetes (the most common form of diabetes).

    People with Prader-Willi syndrome typically have mild to moderate intellectual impairment and learning disabilities. Behavioral problems are common, including temper outbursts, stubbornness, and compulsive behavior such as picking at the skin. ”

    …simply put, she’s learning disabled and also, as one of her doctors put it, “Lacks the switch that makes her feel full”. Every day is a constant struggle against hunger for her, she’s in her 20s now and very well aware she can eat herself to death, but she’s learned to control her reaction to constantly feeling like she’s starving so that doesn’t happen, and manages to keep a full-time job and get herself to and from work on a bus all the time, which is pretty damn good considering her doctors never thought she’d mentally age past a toddler and figured she’d be dead by now anyway.

    …but the emotional part is what you make it. Unlike the woman in this blog, she’s manage to stay a sweet, nice girl, althogh she easily panics if she’s alone outside in the dark because the disease has mostly blinded her too, and she doesn’t have a lot of emotional coping skills that you and I take for granted. She’s still a productive member of society and a kind and caring person who is worthy to love and be loved.

    I bring her up for two reasons.

    One, she’s living proof that not ALL obesity is just someone being fat and sloppy. Sometimes it genuinely IS programmed. She’ll never be Melania Trump and she is visibly chunky, but God bless her, she struggles EVERY DAY to not be in ways none of YOU can even IMAGINE.

    Two, she’s NOT an asshole, so fat does NOT make you nasty. THAT part is totally avoidable.

    …so when it comes to this angry large woman HERE, to paraphrase an old commercial, don’t hate her because she’s FAT…hate her because she’s a BITCH.

    Because being a bitch IS a controllable factor that can make ANYONE unattractive with or without a nice figure, just look at AOC to see what I mean THERE…

  21. Yes, I am bigoted in the sense that dickie-don’t do you. It’s not you, fayatty; it’s your lardass, your stench, your sausage digits, your balloon hands and feet, your overstuffed everything, your massive head and face, and that tent you have to wear. Nothing personal other than that.

  22. My wife worked with a young Vietnamese woman who was born in America. She is very fat and has a black husband. Her family took her to Vietnam two years ago to see her home country and relatives for the first time. From the moment she got off the plane, the Vietnamese people pointed and stared at her and many wanted to touch her while making comments about her weight. Everywhere she went, it was like that. She simply had to endure the attention for two weeks along with having to take a dump through a hole into the river below. She swears that she’s never going back.

  23. After reading every comment on this “wonderful” lady. You saved me from
    all the time I would have spent writing. I thank you for all the negative input on this fucking dunce. P.S. My wife is 105, after 4 children.

  24. this is a “logical end” to the craziness of the times.

    this “plus-sized” fat woman, justifying her behavior (while risking her life), and trying to feel good about herself by forcing the world around her to pretend she is anything but what she is, is, multiplied by “x”, how we get to “all white people are racists” via the sophistry that says, if you don’t agree, it is proof that you are as accused.

    this is what happens when psychologically disturbed people band together to validate themselves.

  25. ps in the end, she is in need of serious help, and should be pitied.

    the problem is that the “times” make it so that this kind of behavior is picked up by other seriously distressed people, and turned into “policy”.

    but attacking her personally only “justifies” (in the minds of such people) that she is a victim, rather than her own perpetrator.

  26. pps it is not originaly thinking to offer that the reason that “classic beauty” is what it is, is that it implies good breeding stock, humans being in the end, only a day out of caves and animals that breed.

    the reason that people who look like her are not attractive to most men (nor are most men who look as she does, attractive to most women), is the opposite…..a subtle but ever present message that she is unhealthy and not likely to be as good at producing healthy children as others.

    I am not suggesting this is even fair, but it is what it is….why, again, “symmetry” is often thought of as “beauty”. it is all about reproduction on some very basic levels. otherwise, nobody would care what anyone looks like, as that all wears off pretty quickly as it is.

    I suspect, and fear for her, that she will never attract the kind of healthy people that would do her the most good.

  27. In order for men to function they have to be attracted to a women, not repulsed. They can’t help themselves and this is especially true when the women is ugly to the bone like this one.


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