Pole Dancers Condemn Buttigieg For Canceling Event at Gay Club Over Stripper Pole

WFB: Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg may want to get his supporters to the polls, but his refusal to bring them to a pole is drawing the ire of some in the LGBT community.

The former South Bend, Ind., mayor’s campaign canceled a fundraiser at Dark Lady, a gay Rhode Island nightclub, following a dispute over the presence of a stripper pole, according to the venue.

Dark Lady’s manager told WPRI that campaign staffers asked the club to remove the pole before the event. When the club refused, staffers canceled the fundraiser. “We guess this is what the gay candidate does to the gay community! #downonthepoles #dancersforanyoneelse,” the owners complained on Facebook. “We’re open, we’re here, we’re queer, get over it!” more here

14 Comments on Pole Dancers Condemn Buttigieg For Canceling Event at Gay Club Over Stripper Pole

  1. I don’t know what they expected from Gay Church Lady. He’s a sanctimonious prig to everybody.

    Maybe if they’d put a crossbar on the stripper pole…

  2. ASS long as Petey B continues smoking poles I have no issue with this.

    OH PETEY B…bring me the lavender scented lube!

  3. If the Pole won’t go up the Hole we must … uhh … can’t think of a rhyme … so … uhh … use more lube? … no … don’t sound right … uhh … have an asshole the size of a mole? an anole? … nah … that’s not really the flavor I’m tasting for, either … need to call BS – he’s a true wordsmith …

  4. I hear Stormy Daniels is available, she only has $385,000 bucks left on her legal note to Trump, that is a lot of poles she needs to use at $1 a pop, help her out, Rhode Island. She doesn’t mind if you are gay, just bring a fist full of bills.


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