Police-bashing Portland commissioner who slandered and lied about cops plans to sue city for “leaking” investigation into her


PORTLAND, OR- Far-left neo-Marxist city commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, probably one of the craziest politicians there is (and that is a long list), has filed a notice that she intends to sue her own city—Portland, Oregon—over what she claims is “bogus information” that tied her in to a hit and run accident earlier this year, the Portland Tribune reports.

Hardesty, a drama queen if there ever was one, alleges that employees in Portland leaked news that the victim of the crash believed she was hit by Hardesty, who then fled the scene.

She alleges that Portland police planned on “humiliating” her during a “late-night perp walk.” Not for nothing, but Hardesty does a pretty good job humiliating herself on a regular basis.

Hardesty’s attorneys believe that then-Portland Police Association union president Brian Hunzeker leaked 911 caller information to The Oregonian and other outlets. Hunzeker later resigned from that post and has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

According to the three-page complaint filed Aug. 2 by attorneys Matthew C. Ellis and Stephen L. Brischetto starts with “Black Lives Matter.” Seriously. Hardesty is apparently making the significant jump that here possible involvement in the accident was leaked because she’s black.

No, it was leaked because she’s an idiot. MORE

16 Comments on Police-bashing Portland commissioner who slandered and lied about cops plans to sue city for “leaking” investigation into her

  1. Fuck this dumb bitch and fuck any Portland cop that’s still on the job. Same with Seattle. Don’t trust them. They’re fucking traitors.

  2. As I remember that hit and run was well documented through many cell phones. This is the very lowest common Denominator. Well, with the exception of the brain dead mother fuckers that voted for her. Way to go Portland.

  3. Must be a prerequisite to be a democrat anything you have to be ugly as a mud fence and dumber than a rock.

  4. If she were not employed by the city, which homeless encampment would she be living in. I bet she’s got quite the resume.

  5. Wasn’t she in the Us navy? Having to be near her on a ship must of been torture, and not because she’s black. Pure evil.

  6. Do liberal women TRY to look as bad as possible?
    It’s probably the ugliness inside manifesting on the outside.

  7. This is the price a city pays for pandering to parasites. By the way, Portland cops are scared shitless of being destroyed for doing their jobs. They’re leaving as fast as they can. Their replacements? OMG, OMG. And yes, more evidence is piling up every day that Dominion and Soros got Hardesty and the DA elected. Portland is beyond repair. Portland has been a scum magnet so long that parasites have infested and now control commerce, the media, law, medicine, education, and every level of government. Portland is hopeless. Every person with power or influence would rather pander to parasites than take care of honest, hard working, job creating tax payers. There is no hope.

  8. Looks like they have that character from Tales from the Crypt working as a Portland city commissioner.
    But then again, it’s Oregon.
    The other communist cesspool in the west.

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