Political Correctness, Not Critical Thinking, is the Key to Our Demise

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CFP: What happened to “teaching our kids how to think and not what to think?”  This old adage is truly at the core of critical thinking and should be practiced at all learning institutions around the country. When a university or college stops exposing our children to differing opinions or ways of life, then we are doomed to live a life that no longer offers diversity, but demands that we all live, act and believe the same.  MORE

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  1. Leftists have kidnapped the Truth, labeled it the new “hate speech” and thrown it into the dumpster. Political Correctness is simply a type of intimidation used to destroy the very fabric of our country. Never before have so many people been so afraid to stand up against the absurdity of the Lefty for fear of being labeled a racist, homophobe, bigot or Conservative Terrorist! Once upon a time we had something called manners, politeness and directness. Today it has been replaced by Political Correctness and diversity. Every day we read a new story about some damn nitwit who wants us to bend over backwards to respect insanity!
    And just look where it’s gotten us – kids having kids, kids killing kids, race wars, illegals invading the country, dividing us along lines of race, religion, gender and class which has even brought us to the point to where we have “negotiated” with fanatical madmen, who want to wipe the West off the face of the Earth, for reasons of inclusivness!
    Pogo knew who the enemy was. What he didn´t know is that it would become to be known as Political Correctness! What our enemies know is that Political Correctness is the perfect tool for softening up and destroying Western civilization from within and can’t wait to take over. Getting rid of Political Correctness, it’s associated frivilous silliness and madness should be paramount in our priorities to get this nation unified to face reality and make America great again!

  2. It’s taken them over 100 years to get this far. They believe their Utopia is just around the next corner. They are so close they can taste it. That is why they have turned up the intensity.
    But…..America is awakening. Those that have been too busy to notice because they actually WORK have been paying attention. The Tea Party needed something to coalesce around. Trump is capitalizing on this and it has the left terrified of the prospect of their momentum slipping away before they can take over. If Trump continues growing his following they know they will miss this opportunity and who knows how far they will be pushed back. They only have 15 months left.
    They won’t slither away without a fight. Gird your loins.
    I pray that Trump is not a flash in the pan.

  3. yer best bet in college today is to study mechanical or electrical or chemical engineering, math, metallurgy, geology, accounting. Stay away from the humanities and stay away from the mentally ill gender students. Avoid “climate change” at all costs!


  4. If you’re mechanically inclined, plumber, electrician, tile person, roofer, anything that is maintenance for buildings, got a feeling there ain’t going to be many new ones.

  5. I believe a good man, he just needs strong conservatives to surround him to help usher in
    things the dems would loathe.

  6. Sameness. Fight this with every fiber of your body.
    Personally, I vow to stand out like a turd in the punchbowl.

  7. Like Rush mentioned about another conservatives’ thoughts, (Milton Friedman?) make the political atmosphere behind a bad candidate so politically horrendous that the bad candidate has absolutely no choice but to do the correct/conservative thing.

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