Trans-Pacific Partnership signed: US and Japan among 12 in ‘disastrous trade agreement’


IBT- UK: The 12 countries involved with the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) have signed the historic trade deal, Japanese economy minister Akira Amari has told reporters on 5 October. The deal has been years in the making, but there remains staunch opposition to the agreement, not least of all from the US political spectrum.

The deal has been one of Barack Obama’s priorities in his final years as US president, and the agreement has played a significant role in the run up to the 2016 presidential elections. The Democrat is still facing a Republican majority in Congress, where even the support from his own party is weak. Debates in Congress about the TTP are expected to continue for months, and the pact will not be raised to congressmen and women until early 2016.  more 

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  1. How the US negotiates a trade deal:

    Foreign Representative:

    “We love our country, and wish to bring more industries and jobs to our shores; so our people may know a better life.”

    US Representative:

    “We hate our country and most of the people in it because we went to Ivy League schools and know it’s cool to hate our own country; so have our jobs and industry, but please wire some money into this Cayman Islands bank account first. Also, if you’d like to purge your country of any criminals, mental patients, or unskilled labor, by all means, please send them to the US as well. We’ll pay for it and their upkeep. Because we really do hate our own country and white small folk in it, because we’re cool.”

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