POLL: Nancy Needs To Go!


Daily Caller:

POLL-  Nearly Three Fourths Of People, Half Of Dems Think Pelosi Needs To Go.

A new poll released on Thursday revealed that nearly 75% of the people surveyed believe that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi should be replaced come November.

73% of the 2,021 registered voters think that Pelosi should not be retained as the leader of the Democratic Party.

49% of the registered Democrats polled said that they believe the party should look for new leadership. That number balloons to 91% when accounting only for the Republicans who were asked. Independents came in at 79% in favor of going a different direction.

9 Comments on POLL: Nancy Needs To Go!

  1. Of course she needs to go.

    But it Depends if it’s a number one or number two in her pants.

    (Hey, back off! It’s Friday!)

  2. Why would R voters want her to “go”? Though there are better D speaker candidates for R purposes, Pelosi does well enough.

  3. But where will Nancy go, she probably only understands ” Nancy go to Senate”, with a note saying so pinned to her Suit Jacket.


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