The left’s darling nitwit avoids debate with Shapiro citing misogyny

Candace Owens, however, chimes in and smacks Occasional Cortex with a flat-faced shovel.

It’s best the left not debate anyone on the right because it will simply be revealed they have no ideas other than, “we’ll take all of the money away from the productive people and hand it over to the unproductive. Just vote for us, for satan’s sake! Oh, and Trump is racist!”

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  1. I wonder who is running against her in NYC. I hope who ever it is spends the next three months going door-to-door and talking to each and every voter about how his opponent is too busy hobnobbing with radical bid shots and isn’t paying any attention to the district she expects to represent.

  2. Oooh, I so hope this happens. They can have a slideshow, Candace can show where she grew up and OC can show her neighborhood.
    A show-n-tell example of how the American dream is attainable when one applies oneself.

  3. If the GOP turns out even a half decent candidate they could steal this seat from the Dems. That’s especially true if the guy she beat for the nomination decides to run on the Democrat Farmers (or something like that) ticket and splits the liberal vote.

  4. @texfella – Well, at least the opponent should understand how the unemployment rate is calculated or how Medicare works.

  5. I don’t blame the little Socialist for not wanting to debate. Even she must get tired of hearing herself say “like” and “you know”.

  6. Maybe Candace can up the offer with all the debate questions in advance.
    Even that probably wouldn’t work.

  7. Miss Ocasio-Khrushevez is a intellectual titan in democratic circles. She can recite the entire alphabet blindfolded.

  8. Someone pointed out that a request is by definition unsolicited.

    She’s really as dumb as a box of rocks and not nearly as useful. Even WaPo’s Kessler couldn’t let her slide with her bullshit. Where do they get these people? Wait. I know. Today’s universities. And she has TWO degrees. Mother of God..


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