Alexandria Occasional-Cortex: Medicare For All Is Cheaper Because It Reduces Funeral Costs

Town Hall:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is fun. No, I mean that in all sincerity; she’s a fun candidate. She’s now one of the faces of the emerging left wing of the Democratic Party. Some have even called her the future of the Democratic Party. Maybe they should slow their roll on her, but hey—a Democratic implosion of rising talent is always a fun show to watch.  She’s feisty. She has her moments, but when it comes to the policy discussion for her television hits, she veers into rocky shoals.

Ocasio-Cortez is clueless on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, playing whack-a-mole concerning whether there should be a two-state solution. Don’t expect anything rational from here on out. Three days after her interview on PBS’ Firing Line, in which she voiced her support for a two-state solution, she moved away from that position. She recently attended a conference with anti-Israel activist Linda Sarsour, so that’s all you need to know where she’ll probably land. The far left is viciously anti-Israel. You have to be in order to call yourself a proud left-winger.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo had her on his show, where she proved once again that she has no clue what she’s talking about concerning economic policy. Ocasio-Corez thinks the military got a $700 billion increase, wrote a $2 trillion check for the Trump tax cuts, and the Medicare for All initiative isn’t bad because it would reduce the costs of funerals. Yeah, no one will die under a single payer system. Hey, not dying—sounds great on paper. Concerning application, you’d have to be on crack cocaine to think this would ever be cost-effective. It’s not. It has a $30+ trillion price tag. The three-decade price tag for the Left’s goodie bag—free college, Medicare for all, etc.—lands in the neighborhood of…$218 trillion. It’s a pipe dream. The Washington Free Beacon made the good point that even in Bernie Sanders’ home state, Vermont, they ditched a single-payer system because it was too expensive. Even deep-blue California hasn’t passed single-payer due to similar budgetary constraints.   more

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  1. I don’t mock ridicule or make fun of stupid people- I actually pray that God would put them out of their misery. 🙂

  2. I forget where I saw it, but somebody quipped that thecist will eventually go even lower with the reintroduction of mass burials.

  3. I don’t find humor in any one running for office that describes our Constitution as an out dated document that needs to change with the times.

  4. Poor Alexandria What-Ever, as the Democrats flavor of the month she doesn’t realize how unpalatable she really is. On a side note, my primary care Doc mentioned to me how he’s got to keep me healthy until I can get on Medicare. Apparently we’re nothing more than money generating organisms for the AMA to fleece.

  5. I actually think she was talking about reduced funeral expenses, specifically mass graves that her hero’s have dug and filled.

    Roman – exactly, cigarettes have saved social security millions.
    Hambone – you got a pretty mouth

  6. But what’s her position regarding the coming zombie apocalypse? Don’t tell me! Bulldozers for all her lofos !

  7. a biodegradable bag and a trenching tool is much more effective in rural areas than the concrete covered city.

  8. Oh please, please — Alex (occasionally-uses-her-cerebral) cortex.

    That felt good. Thanx.

  9. And here I thought Debbie Wasshername Sgt. Schultz was a gift to conservatives. This broad is pure gold.

    My real take on her is that she ran in the primary just to get noticed, but didn’t count on the collective stupidity of her district. Once she won, she really didn’t know what to do or say. Kinda like taking a first day secretary at a major corporation and having her address a board meeting.

  10. OMG-Cortez won with lots of help from Uncle George Soreazz. By the time she is sworn in, that information will have passed from her conscious thought.

  11. The solution is so painfully easy for democrats:

    Make money FREE. FREE money for all!

    Then that pesky budget wouldn’t get in the way.

  12. Unfortunately there exist – Dumb & Dumber. Alexandria is the Dumb, the danger is in the Dumber, the people who will believe what she says is true and vote for her.

    Oh, and we already had on knucklehead who wanted to fundamentally change the USA + the Dumber who voted for him. We all know that lead to 8 years of going in the wrong direction. We don’t need a repeat. We are still trying to uncover the extent of the corruption put in place during those years in an attempt to make it permanent.

  13. ms. Oblivious-Cortex is definitely one-upping all the dem gals, from Nanny Pelousi to Maxi-Pad Waterhead, in the ‘so stupid, I can’t believe she remembers to breath’ category

  14. I would prefer the term “The Very Occasional Cerebral Cortex” when referring to the new head of the Democrat Pary.

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