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Poll: People don’t GAS about climate change when gas prices are through the car roof


More voters are concerned about rising energy costs than climate change, according to a Rasmussen Reports poll released Monday. 

Eighty-two percent of likely U.S. voters are “concerned” about rising energy and gasoline prices, including 60 percent who are “very concerned.” Sixty percent of voters would support a law that would “dramatically increase oil and gas drilling in the United States,” 47 percent who say they would “strongly favor” such a law. 

Only 34 percent of voters think Congress and President Joe Biden should focus policy on “limiting carbon dioxide emissions in an attempt to reduce climate change,” while 52 percent of voters say they should focus more on increasing oil and gas drilling to help ease energy prices.

Unsurprisingly, Democrats are more likely to want U.S. leaders to focus on reducing climate change, at 54 percent. In contrast, 74 percent of Republicans and 54 percent of unaffiliated voters think increasing oil and gas drilling should take priority.


13 Comments on Poll: People don’t GAS about climate change when gas prices are through the car roof

  1. $5 gas has arrived in Columbus, Ohio. Friends asked if we are at $7 now around Seattle?!? Prices dropped but maybe the price wave hadn’t rolled over us yet. It’s over $5 for all types but not close to $6, yet.

  2. Who doesn’t GAS about climate change??
    I still do and think it’s past time to implement my Plan.
    What politicians won’t say honestly is that there are too many people on the planet, all exhaling CO2. And farting, never forget the FARTING.

    So to immediately reduce human CO2 emmisions by roughly 50%, that’s HALF, we should immediately snuff out all politicians and liberal voters, that a certified 86 million mouthbreathing morons right there.

  3. Gas is at $4.60 gal and heating oil at $6.90 here in Maine now.
    F climate change hoax. This is what it gets you. Intentionally.
    Just another step toward crushing the middle class.

  4. Gas prices are visible and easily proved; climate “change” is a mythic deception of democratic party platform.

    There is more evidence for a stolen 2020 election then there is for “climate change”.

    We all know the earth’s resources are precious but taxing ” carbon emissions ” and measuring bovine farts?

    Every day I create a certain fragrance using toxic body gases that my dog doesn’t like but thank god she never calls the cops…

  5. Gas for my car has literally tripled and then some since they stole the election of PRESIDENT Trump.

    Gee PHUCKS NEWS. Maybe if you hadn’t called Arizona early…

  6. * Only 34 percent of voters think “limiting carbon dioxide emissions in an attempt to reduce climate change,”

    Then they should be FOR drilling domestically.

    Because WE control emissions from drilling.

    Shithole countries will do a shit job at it, and certainly there’s not as many regulations in these places hence why we get oil from these shithole countries in the first place.

    If you release a ton of carbon across the globe or a ton of carbon here on our turf, there’s no difference as per their own rules on global carbon emitted. We’re going to source the oil anyhow from SOMEWHERE.

    But liberals only care about what’s taking place in their backyard. And they can walk around all righteous with their nose held high saying “well, we’re not part of the problem.” Same with their coal burning cars and child labor china items.

    $5.50 for premium here in the shithole babykilling state of Illinois, just a stone’s throw from Lori Lightfoot’s stomping grounds. Last time I filled premium in my racecar was November, and at this rate I’m going to stick to my premium burning motorcycle that gets 48 MPG, 3 gallons at a time.

  7. @Beachmom May 10, 2022 at 4:26 pm

    > Just another step toward crushing the middle class.

    The greatest source of work (not “force”, for you genderless physics geeks) for the foreign rulers? That rule and the rest?

    They will not be missed.

  8. I didn’t care about climate change when gas was .20/gal and I don’t care now. There isn’t shit we can do about it. Climate change has been happening for around four billion years and even if humans kill themselves off or all move to Mars with Elon Musk, it’s going to continue.

    Anyone that’s worried about climate change is welcome to buy a wind mill, a solar panel and an electric car with their own money but kindly leave the rest of us alone.

  9. $4.39 for regular 87 octane in my hood in southern Indiana. But, $5.59 for diesel. My trucker friends are pissed & saying it will soon be $7.00 or $8.00 per gallon all over the midwest. We are starting to see some stores beginning to ration certain items, as well. The vaccines did not kill enough people to suit the elites. Now it is time to complete the mission by making the supply lines totally collapse due to high fuel costs. At least we have starving to death to look forward to.


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