Poll: Trump’s Support Among Black Voters Has Doubled Since Last Year


In November, two polls found that President Trump’s approval rating among black likely voters had reached 34%. An Emerson poll found that Trump has a 34.5% approval rating among black likely voters and a Rasmussen poll found that number was 34%.

Both polls provide an obvious contradiction to the media narrative about President Trump appealing to “racists,” hence why neither got a second of airtime on CNN or MSNBC.

The latest data out from Rasmussen Reports has black support as high as 42% overall among likely voters, with 29% “strongly” approving. One year ago today, Rasmussen had Trump polling at 21% approval among black voters, meaning that support has doubled in the past year. more here

10 Comments on Poll: Trump’s Support Among Black Voters Has Doubled Since Last Year

  1. Perhaps the have grown tired of dems buying their votes with shitty housing, cash, foodstamps, and no taxes. They are tired of being modern day slaves…they are tired of the ghettos, which are the very plantations where they are stuck.

  2. if the Democrats lose their stranglehold on that demographic they will be screwed so badly they, as a party, they will need a colostomy bag,for the rest of their collective political lives.

    please keep wining Mr. President.

  3. Our whole bureaucracy is Bad, Brad! I stand corrected. (It’s just that I hate Congress with a passion.)

  4. Boom!

    The bastard establishment Republicans are the reason Democrats we’re able to sell their bullshit to blackAmericans for so long.

  5. Different Tim – How is it that Jackass Joe supposedly polls higher than President Trump, yet can’t even fill a gym? SFP: (Serious Fucking Propaganda)


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