WeatherTech CEO Buys Super Bowl Ad To Thank Veterinary School That Saved His Dog

Scout may be an Illinois dog (and essentially the face of Illinois-based WeatherTech), but he’s going national to support the University of Wisconsin’s School of Veterinary Medicine during the Super Bowl.

Scout will appear in a 30-second commercial called “Lucky Dog,” which should air during the second quarter of the game and will invite viewers to donate directly to the school using the link

WeatherTech, a vehicle accessories manufacturer, is footing the bill for the ad, which chronicles the medical journey of the family dog of WeatherTech CEO and founder David MacNeil. More

More detail on Scout’s illness and treatment. Watch

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  1. WeatherTech’s a pissarc from me, always thought they were a pretty cool company. Their operations have expanded from a single warehouse to 3 or 4 large warehouses; there’s construction in the area. Good for them. #puppybowl.

  2. Coming from the most corrupt city and state in the union, Chicago, Ill,
    I saw this and for a brief moment I was proud. A brief moment.

    @Jimmy – it was nice for a change, since were on our way to be the next Detroit.

    I did not know they were even from here. I’m sure they won’t last long with our taxes.

  3. I helped build a large Wyoming fishing camp for a very wealthy family a few years ago. It was a multi-year project and we had a firm finish date because they had invited a group of vets to stay, as their guests, for a certain week in July. I was so impressed that these folks were honoring veterans in this way. Turns out that they had invited the entire veterinary staff of the clinic where their dog had his brain tumor successfully removed. (I was still a little bit impressed.)

  4. @ecp – We all come from Chicago and move out to the suburbs. State as corrupt as city, and so are a lot of the suburbs. Mine included.

    Story was still wonderful to hear, can’t wait to see Superbowl commercial.


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