Poor has its privileges

How many people retreat to poor because it is easier?

I’d say “a goodly amount.”

I’m sure this newspaper opinion was met with pushback, like, the woman who wrote it was pushed in the back, off a subway platform.

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  1. …man I worked with grew up in the projects and had a genuinely hard life, but overcame it, got married, got a job, had children he supported through college, and retired after 25 years of service as his nurse wife did the same to live in the house he bought and paid for and was constatly hounded by the tax man over.

    He proves that not everyone who grows up with limited means has to live that way, or even wants to.

    He used to tell me about some things in his life, like how he’d be going to work on shift sometimes and his neghbor on the next stoop over when he was working his way out of the projects would be drunk off his ass in the early afternoon and salute him with his paper bag wine and with the benediction of “Now make sure you work extra hard because I gotta eat off what you make too!”

    He thought it was funny, but it just whipped my friend’s ass harder to get out of the ‘hood.

    And he did.

    He worked so hard he damn near died here within sight of his retirement, showing up to work with a heart attack that I helped keep him calm and pray him through as the life squad took him off to explore the joys of throacic surgery. God heard the prayers, though, and he lived to enjoy his well-earned retirement.

    My friend came up in public housing, but it did not ruin him, it only made him stronger and more determined.

    …people remain people whatever their circumstances. People do have a sin nature that tends to turn them to sloth, but it can be overcome and is entirely dependant on the mettle of the person, not the color of their skin or the poverty of their parents. It helps to have the Lord, but in my friend’s case the local “pastor” was a dude who bragged about eating steak, drove a new Cadillac to preach to his impoverished congregation, and openly hit on my friend’s sister, so it took some work to bring him to realize that not all people who claim to represent the Lord do so any more than all people who live in poverty have to act so, and to try to bring him into the relationship with God that would ultimately save his life.

    It can be done.

    But he also didn’t believe that everything was the fault of someone else, be it Whitey, the Man, Capitalists, whoever. He just put his head down and got his own, and God blessed him for it.

    …because he’s happily retired and enjoying his relaxed life with his wife and visits from his adult daughters, while that guy with the Mad Dog bottle died unexpectedly one day, and all those guys with the moon boot gym shoes that tried to rule the projects ended up dead.

    …there is such a thing as too much help. At least some people were strong enough to survive it…

  2. There’s economically poor and there’s spiritually poor.

    America’s poor are the latter. No pride. No self-respect.
    Slothful beggars – and happy with that – willing to take handouts and live as ghettoized slaves. Slave to drugs. Slaves to drink. Slaves to despair. Slaves to dissolution. Slaves to lust. Slaves to whomever stirs em up.

    Pray for them. For they refuse REAL assistance.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. REAL privilege is being able to live your life WITHOUT interference from liberalism.

    Which seems nothing more than a fantasy.

  4. “I have never been poor, only broke. Being poor is a state of mind. Being broke
    is only a temporary situation.” Mike Todd, American movie producer {1907-1958)

  5. @ ǝpɐɥsʇɥɓᴉuɹǝdnS

    That’s a good story and by story I don’t mean to imply that it’s fiction. I’ve known several people with similar histories. Sadly many people never overcome the circumstances of their childhood whether they grow up as a spoiled rich kid or the product of ghetto or reservation. Hunter Biden is a good example.

    It really is about personal responsibility. You can’t rise above the circumstances of your birth if you refuse to take responsibility for your actions. Unfortunately the government and trial lawyers have been doing their best to convince the public that they are victims. I understand their reasoning–it’s what parasites do–but I don’t agree with it.

  6. majorityofbob
    JANUARY 29, 2021 AT 4:01 PM

    …he wasn’t perfect by any means. A part of his motivation to work hard was a court that was going to put him in jail in the early going for unpaid child support from a previous marriage, and there were times that he seemed to work to actively avoid his current wife (we’ve all been THERE guys, don’t lie). One really memorable one from our early early days when the plant doors were basically unlocked and security was nonexistent was when he went to sleep during a lunch break at the shop table and his wife walked to to bitch about something with a young daughter slung over her hip, and she looked so thundery that the rest of the guys backed slowly away, leaving him to wake up to the visage of his furious wife looming over him, who immediately proceeded to berate him for lying to her about har hard he works when here he is, napping on the job. (To be fair we were working 7 days and 12-14 hours at the time).

    But he kept at it, they stayed married, he brought home the bacon, and was able to go sit down with a clear conscious for good with knowledge of a job well well done and a life mostly well lived.

    But what he escaped in th e projects wasn’t poverty, he escaped help.

    Because all the “help” cause ls is PERPETUAL poverty.

    He did drink and cuss and womanize sometimes, and smoked an occasional joint while firing illegal guns.

    But he ultimately earned what he had, and no one can take that away from him.

    …we are not defined by where we come from, but what we do to overcome our weaknesses.

    Anyone can do it, he wasn’t extraordinary in that.

    But they have to WANT to, and THESE days, that seems very extraordinary indeed…

  7. In the leftist mind the word “responsibility” can only be associated with the government. Obviously, the concept of “individual responsibility” is antithetical to the socialist cause.
    Way back before we became the Peoples Republic of the United States, individualism was still an accepted practice.
    John Steinbeck’s work “The Grapes of Wrath” was a portent of what now exists in America. The final scene has the Jobe family greeted by a father Flanagan figure at a camp stating(paraphrase) ” you don’t have to worry here, this isn’t like those private run camps, this is a government run camp”. Upon hearing those words, they all breathe a sigh of relief.

  8. If you help someone out one time, they’ll always come to you for help the next time.
    If you give them anything, give them a way to earn it.
    That’s what we’ve done in the past – what changed?

  9. The goal of the left is to destroy the nation: anything they can. The goal of the GOPe is to make money selling the rest of us out.

    They can’t lose, because intentional destuction from within is too powerful against outsiders trying to get in and do good.

    The goal is chaos and Third World poverty, from which to lord over.

    They’re winning. We got to get the hell out. Secession is our only hope.

  10. Thanks for the reminder. Like Ruark’s stuff but never read “Poor No More.” Maybe time to find a copy…

    Robert Ruark Poor No More (1959)

  11. I grew up in the Projects in the Bronx.


    Here I am. At IOTWr…in another place altogether…



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