Pope Francis Rewrites Catholicism … and the Bible

Last week, the Vatican announced that Pope Francis had changed the Catholic catechism. After 2,000 years of teaching that a moral use of capital punishment for murder is consistent with Catholic teaching, the pope announced that the catechism, the church fathers and St. Thomas Aquinas, among the other great Catholic theologians, were all wrong.

And God and the Bible? They’re wrong, too.

Pope Francis, the product of Latin American liberation theology — along with many other Catholic religious and lay leaders — is remaking Catholicism in the image of leftism, just as mainstream Protestant leaders have been rendering much of mainstream Protestantism a branch of leftism, and non-Orthodox Jewish clergy and lay leaders have been rendering most non-Orthodox synagogues and lay institutions left-wing organizations.  MORE

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  1. It is so weird to me that Dems are against capital punishment, even when presented with the most egregious case, yet insist upon the ‘right’ to finish off even a baby that would survive outside the womb.

  2. If that muzzie lovin’ commie bastard is a Catholic, then I’m an astronaut! He’s doing to the Catholic church what obama tried to do to the U.S.!

  3. Franny ain’t the Pope – We cannot have two people in the same seat and Benedict has not left it … completely; what a cluster- … Read Ann Barnhardt, she can explain it – and I’m on board. Franny is doing the work of Lucifer – and loving it.

  4. And I’m sure that all of his Swiss guard will be turning in their automatic weapons, too,
    A deceiving hypocrite, that man is.

  5. He’s an evil little bastard who’s head is soaked with leftist garbage. I’ve read there’s a lot of grumbling within the Vatican about his idiotic positions. They should oust this fraud.

  6. According to the Babylon Bee, the pope clarified his statement: the death penalty is still permissable for people who drive slowly in the left lane.

  7. Crap. Look, people, we’re sorry. None of us voted for him. he’s just another immigrant who snuck into Italy. A lot of those people are fine, but a lot of them want to remake Western culture into their own booger eating image.

    The Vatican just needs to build another wall around it’s massive and ornate Holy palace. Or ask for I.D. or something.

    The point is, we need to stop this reckless flow of immigrants into the Vatican before the drug cartels get their guy into the top slot.

    Unless you guys think we’re already too late…..

  8. As I have said before….
    St. Pope John Paul II – world class philosopher
    Pope Benedict XVI – world class theologian
    Pope Francis – chemistry professor

  9. Well… the 6th Commandment literally says “You shall not Murder” (finito)
    We all know the eye for an eye thing – Punishment fits the Crime…
    But Government tries/executes criminals, not the Church! (Well, the Spanish Inquisition altered that)
    Oh Bible, what do you say about Government acts?
    Romans 13:1-4
    “Everyone is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God. Therefore whoever resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God; and they who have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves. For rulers are not a cause of fear for good behavior, but for evil. Do you want to have no fear of authority? Do what is good and you will have praise from the same; for it is a minister of God to you for good. But if you do what is evil, be afraid; for it does not bear the sword for nothing; for it is a minister of God, an avenger who brings wrath on the one who practices evil.”

    This sounds a lot like Protestant Reformation era Catholic missteps

  10. In my heart I pray that YHWH would lead those in the seats of the “church” at Rome to look into the history of the papacy and see what I believe to be an unending list of corrupt fruit from a corrupt tree. Even unto today, it seems to be an endemic point for point list of antithetical doctrine vs that of Yahshua’s teachings.

    There are many great tools available for the study of scripture with most of the translations available for free.


    Shalom Aleichem

  11. satan working overtime through Pope Francis.

    And those who stand for righteousness are persecuted.

    Take Action: Army Chaplain faces court martial for his Christian faith.

    An Army chaplain at Fort Bragg in North Carolina could face a possible court martial and even military prison because of his views on marriage. After being asked to conduct a marriage retreat that included same-sex couples, the chaplain simply explained that his religious beliefs would not allow him to do so.


  12. I love and worry about my great Catholic friends. If he leads them astray, God will deal with him. We all sense that something is wrong with this guy.

  13. Aaron Burr: I believe this Pope is responsible for Outing the Catholic Priest’s and their Satanic customs, by taking their Platform out in public
    and not Hiding it like their love of Pedophillia etc. The Walls need to come Down, not be rebuilt if they want to be taken as anything but “Overgrown Losers” who found an in with Little Boy’s, and get to hang out with like minded Adult Children (Priest’s) who also Learned Latin.

  14. Mike- “Well… the 6th Commandment literally says “You shall not Murder” (finite)”

    “The Hebrew verb רצח‬ (r-ṣ-ḥ, also transliterated retzach, ratzákh, ratsakh etc.) is the word in the original text that is translated as “murder” or “kill”, but it has a wider range of meanings, generally describing destructive activity, including meanings “to break, to dash to pieces” as well as “to slay, kill, murder”.”

    I was raised being taught ‘thou shall not kill,’ and it was explained to me that it meant one should not diminish another, physically, psychically, or otherwise. Thought, word or deed, I guess. I still follow that today. (‘I harbor no ill will nor enmity against a soul on earth, that I would not freely reconcile, should I find in him a corresponding disposition’). And I do believe there are appropriate responses for adverse situations that I would not hesitate to employ. Certainly, murder is contained within the concept of killing, but it does include lesser things, according to some beliefs- it is not exclusive. Sometimes, killing might be the appropriate response. Just thought I’d toss this out, as there is a great diversity of interpretations of things out there. Amazing.

  15. It is not the will of God for government to bear the sword in vain. Romans 13:4

    You can believe God, or you can believe a man in a dress.

  16. Vatican II was the nose of the camel into the tent…

    Francis, aka Jorge, is the ASS of the camel.

    @ Plantsman – are you saying that this pope is bringing down, by intent, the Vatican, OR the American Catholic Church?

    Said as a Cat-lick.

    Check out this site about TRADITIONAL Cat-licks.


    We miss your JPII

  17. @ ghost: I read the question wrong. No I don’t think it’s intentional, I think the Cabal is pushing Him hard and they don’t care how the Pope looks, as long as he does their Bidding.


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