Islamic Jihad in America

The left has been taken over by every fringe radical leftist group one can think of.

And anyone who can vote for a Muslim is simply a naive danger to our country. 

There is no moderate Islam. It simply does not exist.


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  1. Just exterminate him like you would any rodent. Their nothing but pests that destroy property and spread disease.

  2. If we knew where a Jihadi Compound was in Afghanistan we would destroy it yet we know there is one in New Mexico? Islam hides between the liberals shadowing their cause waiting for the moment to come into the light.

  3. “11 emaciated children, one dead.”

    The article only mention one kids name. Obviously Muslim. One would assume the rest are as well.

  4. ‘There is no moderate Islam ’. I agree completely with your assertion. The evidence backs you up.

    That’s why I wonder about people like zuhdi Jasser (sp?). He plays a moderate, ay, even a conservative on Fox News. But we who pay attention know of the concept of taqqiya, meaning it’s ok to lie to infidels if it furthers the aims of Islam.

    Any thoughts on the guy? I’ve always held him at arms length.

  5. [Petrus]

    A year or so ago, I saw a map with locations of over a dozen of what I believe were predominately Jamat Al Fuqra camps, do not most of us remember N.Y.’s Islamabad?

    We need to take very firm steps now and from now on. If it takes a domestic Secret Special Forces group of our best ops, then I’m for it. The public, (or even the progressive wings of the various Intel committees), really don’t need to know everything, so this should be kept 100% invisible.

    Note to POTUS; Biden must not know!

    I know many don’t believe in true clandestine activity and that these things can get out of hand if the wrong people are in charge. Leaving such things to, i.e., a “Mad Dog”, and his instincts on who can be trusted above all the rest would be preferable to highly appointed pols/civilians making such decisions.

    But the time has now forever passed to allow these camps and glowing red-hot mosques to go on about their business till the states’ governors decide to kinda-sorta do something.

    Europe and the UK show us clearly how this danger grows and insinuates itself into the fabric of a nation, and with our dhimmilibprogtard press in bed with the, (for now mostly soft), jihad, and most of the snowflake yutes and all of their mentors in our mis-education system waiting to be outraged yet again if we actually protect this country, we’ll just have to wonder aloud how all the wonderful work might be occurring. It’s the Martians.

  6. Petrus
    AUGUST 8, 2018 AT 4:05 PM
    Islam hides between the liberals shadowing their cause waiting for the moment to come into the light.

    Sadly, no. How many Muslims currently serving in the US Congress, who proudly took the oath on the Quran?

    They’re no more in the shadows than DACA/illegals. They’re loud, proud and capable of using our Constitution (of which they do not believe) against us.

  7. He looks like an ideal candidate for Captain of the Ghana Guantánamo bay swim team.
    Tryouts are on a drop in basis, 24/7/365.

  8. EE,

    I meant to imply they have yet to reveal their true intent which remains hidden to the masses and asses. As PHenry points out they’re practicing Taqqiya and liberals are the biggest suckers around.

  9. VAL JAR APE WOMAN said in ’77 at Princton=
    “I will use the US constitution against America
    to usher in Islam”

  10. Petrus. Yes you’re correct, taqqiya. Although some are becoming emboldened watching their illegal brethren protected by sanctuary cities and the like, further proving false claims by lefties the Constitution protects ALL (sans 1A for conservatives of course).

    If you haven’t done so, look up Stephen Coughlin, The Red Pill Brief (surprisingly it’s still up on YouTube), a series of videos offers more info (including HRC signing an agreement with Muslim Brotherhood and the UN) and their 5 year plan for world domination (all with verified documents). It’s more than you’d ever want to know.

  11. The halfwits in this country followed Obama’s lead and developed sympathy for these primitive animals. Now we have both Jihadi’s and halfwits to contend with.

  12. New Mexico is so lefty lop-sided, they wouldn’t lift a finger to smack this guy. I love New Mexico, but their politics make me tired.


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