Pope Francis urges peace and understanding for migrants

Broken record.

Vatican City (AFP) – Pope Francis on Monday used his New Year homily to urge peace and understanding for migrants and refugees.

“Let us not extinguish hope in their hearts or smother their expectations of peace,” the leader of the world’s estimated 1.2 billion Catholics said, marking the Church’s World Day of Peace before millions of worshippers braving a rainswept Saint Peter’s Square in the Vatican.

Taking up the theme of the ongoing migrant crisis, the pontiff said they were “ready to risk their lives in their search for a peaceful future “which is a right for everyone” and which everyone should strive to ensure for all.

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  1. I’m not a catholic and wonder how the politics of deep state religion forced the last guy out.
    But this guy is freaky socialist homo weird. Did you see the pic of him smooching that baby Jesus on the pee pee over at Breitbart? Sorry. You don’t have to be sigmund Freud to figure this dude out.

  2. I know let’s just modify the language like the leftists do and retitle the immigrants as Nazi’s and then we can openly, willingly and rightfully exclude them from polite society!

  3. I’m just going to throw this out here. There’s a certain group that thinks this guys going down hard as a child abuser. If you get my drift.

  4. They search for a peaceful future? Where did we hear that before? They come in love! Are you senile Papa Francis?
    I’m a Catholic but I think you’re an asshole.

  5. “Let us not extinguish hate in their hearts or smother their so-called ‘religion’ of peace…”

  6. Moe Tom….
    Exposing a phony figurehead who appears to represent a corrupted religion that has embraced socialism, advocated pedophilia, and ushers in the destruction of western civilization, basically tossed out the pillars of Christian faith is nothing to repent or apologize about. It’s something to be proud of.

  7. Up next from this sick, old man; a totally disgusting, inappropriately sensual kiss of something, could be anything. His BDSM-play, kissing session of immigrants’ feet a few year ago was the most hideous thing I’ve ever seen.

  8. OT

    A car has hit several people in SF. Current leader at Sooper Scoop,
    “At least seven people were injured when a vehicle struck two pedestrians ”

    You can’t make this shit up. I’m fairly certain Trump was driving the car. What an ass hole.

  9. When Prayers for the People are offered in church and we may make our own submissions–they always pray for refugees so I always add…
    “And may they find Christ”

  10. If that was addressed to me JPM, there seems to be a crisis in the church that may or may not be able to be corrected by the faithful parishioners. I’m an outsider. But there is something seriously wrong at the Vatican.
    Really wrong.

  11. I wonder what his response would be if ten thousand peaceful migrants charged into Vatican City and demanded sanctuary? Then demanded a mosque, a minaret to call the faithful to prayer and demanded the nuns go full burka.

  12. Bad Brad I don’t know about the child abuser, I would not agree with that, but I do know that he should not interfere with politics. Render onto Trump, that what is Trumps, and render onto God that what is His. In other words, you socialist asshole, stay out of the fray. You are turning off a lot of Catholics, European Catholics,
    in favor of South American illegals, who are Catholic. You are playing a bad game. Steve Banion was right when he said the Catholic Church needs illegals to fill the pews.
    But they will never fill the pews and build the churches
    that the Irish, Italian, Polish, French, Europeans, built over the centuries. Pope Francis Get out of Trump’s way.

  13. This so-called Pope, a mere fallible man, speaks not of or for God or His Holy Word.

    This man is a usurper just like the pretender who was our president. Deceit, deception and destruction are their only goals.

    The spiritual blind & feeble minded will follow and bow to this charlatan, most see him for what he is.

  14. Tommy

    “You are turning off a lot of Catholics, European Catholics”

    And American Catholics. We attend Catholic church. Not nearly as often as we should. I’m not Catholic but you know who is. Attendance is way down.

  15. True Christians “believe and question” because their religion can bear scrutiny and examination leads to a stronger faith. Those weak believers who are afraid to question are ready-made victims of those who would mislead them.
    It doesn’t take much scrutiny to find that Francis, the current Bishop of Rome is not fit for office.

  16. PHenry I do not agree with you on the Church, I am simply appalled with Pope Francis. Abiding by the Ten Commandments, Helping a neighbor, Helping the poor, does not mean bringing murdering rapist scumbags into your house. That’s where Pope Francis is an Idiot in my books.

  17. What is the difference between taking your government back from a group of misguided and malevolent corrupticrats and those wearing the false mantle of divinity? There isn’t any. The Bible warns of false prophets. It’s not a new concept.

  18. I converted just before Benedict turned Arnold. I have struggled with remaining. What keeps me Catholic is the understanding that every age of the Church has its spiritual war. From its birth through to the present, scandals, heresies, betrayals, bloody persecutions within and without have been the norm. My faith has grown and in spite of the loneliness of being the only Catholic in my family, I embrace the suck without complaint. Bergoglio is our chastisement.

  19. “Get behind me Satin” was the phrase used for even the first Pope.
    The current Pope that hasn’t even read the Bible or he wouldn’t be a socialist.

    Be that as it may the Catholic Church and the Word ALWAYS survives the charlatans that rule her.

  20. Moe Tom. And I AGREE with you about living by the Ten Commandments and helping neighbors and the poor.
    One of those commandments is “thou shalt not bear false witness”, and I’m no biblical scholar here, but advocating for murderous barbarians to infiltrate peace loving communities throws that out of the window.

    Socialism betrays “thou shalt not covet”. Socialism is all about coveting and envy.

    But how does one evict a pope? Haha. That’s beyond my pay grade. He’s junk and you’re just stuck with him?

  21. I stay out of other people’s religions, unless involves my kid or guns. They can all blow the fuck outa each other.

  22. Christ doesn’t care what sect you use to enter communion. Pretty sure he also considers pedophiles, faggots, commies and junkies covering for each other while representing his authority are an abomination.

    So why not try a sect or church without commieprogfaggjunkie clergy that follows his word, the scriptures, the Nicene Creed and holy communion then call it a day. No need to have fruitcakes in white and gold robes for that.

  23. my .02 … anyone that puts themselves, and their so-called ‘priesthood’ (be it the traipsing of their ‘office’, the ‘privileges’ of their rank, the elevation of their social status) above there congregation is an abomination to the teachings of Christ
    … they are no better than the Sadducees and the Pharisees of Jesus’ time

  24. Why is not Anti-Pope Franny urging the moslem pigs for peace and understanding of Christians
    Whom the moslem pigs are wantonly murdering anywhere in the world that they can get away with it
    Where is ASSHOLE Franny’s word about that ?


    No one entity in the entire world is wealthier than the
    Roman Church.

    Rather than dispersing benevolence
    the Roman Church seeks increasing
    accumulation of wealth

    Why is stupid Franny
    sucking up to the moslems ?

    They’re not going to leave you and your wealth alone .
    They are going to kill you.
    They will cut your head off in St Peter’s Square.

    You’d better suck up to Donald Trump, Franny.
    Maybe, he can save you.
    Nobody else will.

  25. I stood inside the Vatican angrily thinking, “Look at all this wealth made possible by ripping off people who fell for their hoax!”

  26. Here’s why I quit the Catholic Church after 50+ years and joined the Southern Baptist Convention.

    Pope Frank’s tone-deaf statements about:
    Gay Marriage (“who am I to judge?”)
    Capitalism (“capitalism is evil”)
    Global Warming (“we must fight Global Warming, blah blah”)

    FACT – Pope Frank’s main adviser on Global Warming is not only an Atheist, he is a Communist. It’s like having Beelzebub as your adviser.

    My Dad always said any time you have a school or college run by Jesuits, it’s nothing more than a trade school for Communists.

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