Portland, Oregon Man Runs Over Homeless Woman Sleeping in His Driveway

Apparently, the woman had been sleeping directly in front of the apartment building’s garage door.

LifeZette: You’d think a driver running over a sleeping “homeless” person would be a rarity, right? Not in Portland, Oregon. Reportedly, in recent months, drivers in the Rose City have run over three “homeless” Portlandians.

If nothing else demonstrates Portland’s ability to address “homelessness” is a disaster, this should bolster the argument. The other day, a man was driving out of the garage at his apartment complex when he struck a 47-year-old woman who was sleeping in the driveway. read more

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  1. Someone dies because of the complete indifference of some jackass. Homeless or not this is sickening that someone could do that.

  2. These people didn’t realize the homeless were there until they hit them because they were sleeping in front of their cars in their driveways. So it’s the fault of the people who feel empowered by the city enough to trespass on someone’s property and sleep in front of a garage. Of course you’re going to get run over if you sleep in front of a car. I don’t feel sorry for them.

  3. I’m not shocked, but I’m a little surprised that this happens quite a bit.
    The gov gave the homeless (mentally balanced or not) the ‘i’m not touching you I’m not touching you” taunting ability. Eventually, somebody gets hit.

  4. Gin Blossom: The driver is in his car inside his apartment complex’s garage. He drives up to the closed garage door, and it either automatically opens, or he pushes a button to open the door while seated in his car. The sleeper is lying on the ground within feet of his front bumper. There is no way he could have seen the sleeper. The driver is not indifferent, nor is he a jackass.

  5. Portland woman sleeping in a driveway is run over…
    That is about the same as sleeping in an alligator infested swamp,
    Don’t pretend to be surprised when the alligator drops by for breakfast,
    And you are the menu.

  6. Oh give me a break, you can’t see someone lying in front of your garage?

    He felt a first bump but didn’t check he just kept going until he felt it roll over her a second time!

  7. I had a guy slip on the black ice, as he walked behind my car, as I was starting to backup. I never saw him fall, so I didn’t know he was on the ground just behind the car. I almost ran over him, and it was just by luck I heard him yell faintly. Winter time, windows up, radio on.

  8. @gin blossom,
    It’s always a really good idea to read the article and then you wouldn’t be blaming someone for an accident.
    Here is what happened:
    The other day, a man was driving out of the garage at his apartment complex when he struck a 47-year-old woman who was sleeping in the driveway.

    The driver told the cops he felt an initial bump but didn’t hear or see anything to alert him he’d run over a person. Then, as he pulled further forward, he felt a second bump. Apparently, the woman had been sleeping directly in front of the apartment building’s garage door.

  9. gin blossom,
    Most people are accustomed to just pulling out of their garages and/or driveways and know what isn’t there. It becomes a habit and usually you don’t even look.
    Blaming the guy is ignorant and as for a kid, parents have accidentally ran over their own children, certainly not because they’re jackasses.

    I ran over my own dog one time and it certainly wasn’t because I was a jackass and actually was always very careful to know where my dogs and children were when I pulled in or out if they were outside.
    This time the dog was in one place and as I went to move without me being able to see she ran under my rear tire. It still to this day bothers me and I’m pretty damn sure this man will be bothered even worse that he ran over a human.

  10. I’ll repeat, he went over her after after feeling the first bump. Running over a person doesn’t seem like it would be a minor bump yet he wasn’t curious enough to look and just rolled a second time.

    Again, what if it was a child?

    We’ll just have to agree to disagree.

  11. Nah, I just copied without reading.

    YOU are being the jackass here and I hope like hell you don’t ever accidentally run over someone and have people calling you a jackass. Obviously the police did not believe he did it intentionally as he was not charged.
    However, you, who were not there, did not see the house, the garage, or the woman knows he intentionally ran her over.

  12. I was driving through a rural, orchard area in Hood River, Oregon when two pheasant came out from a stubble field and onto the one lane road — pretty far ahead, about 1000′ or so. I could see them plainly. I pointed them out to my then six year-old. As I reduced speed I kept saying, “They’ll move, they’ll move, they’ll move.” Stupid birds didn’t move an inch. Whomp whomp. One exactly under each front tire. I should have gone back and picked them up. No one was more surprised than me. Apparently pheasants don’t move for cars like ravens or other birds. Yeah, I’m a jackass.

    It’s always so tragic when people are hurt like this, but we shouldn’t be sore at the poor driver who, I’m sure, did not intend to run over the woman. In his defense, having a person laying right in front of his car is the very last thing anyone would think to check before pulling out of a garage. The people who deserve our scorn are those virtue-signalling asses in city gov’t who not only encourage homelessness by passing laws that release them from any and all sorts of responsibility the rest of us would be arrested for, but also for purposely attracting even more homeless people to relocate to areas that so completely protect them from law-abiding citizens. It’s an upside down world. The other day I watched two “homeless” guys boost a car battery from our local Fred Meyer. Just like that. Walked in, picked up the batter. Walked out and down the street. No one stopped them. Local laws prohibit store personnel from detaining them. The police never show up for this stuff, but they’ll call in backup if you get pulled over for expired tabs.

  13. If a person felt a bump that was the equivalent to driving over a parking curb wouldn’t that person be the least bit curious about it might have been before they continued until they felt it a second time? Personally I’d want to know what it was before I continued.

    I realize accidents happen in some of these cases and it could happen to anyone but realistically this just sounds to me like kind of a careless thing to do before checking.

    I’m out voted but that’s how I see it.

  14. I’m thinking the person was sleeping under a overhang to stay out of the weather. I would not see them and I don’t have a habit of getting out of my vehicle to check and make sure nobody’s sleeping in front of my garage. I would have stopped upon the first speed bump that was never there before but we are talking Portland.🤔

  15. Hold up, hold up…look at me, folks…hold up, now…look at me, alright?

    Now…when you are, uhh trying to solve the homeless problem, you, uhh, are naturally going to have a few bumps in the road.


  16. The only thing I can think is that this guy was playing Battle Star Gallactica….something I’ve been guilty of in my wayward yout.

    Garage door opens and you launch all vipers like Starbuck and Apollo….fun as hell.

    Except… there’s never some robot dog asleep in the launch tubes. So, unless I was seriously launching out of a garage I’m pretty sure I’d feel the first bump. I might even notice the front end rising a foot in the air as I rolled over whatever was in my way. Not sure I’d ever gun it to get the back end over whatever was in front of my garage.

    Unless I was late for work or something.

  17. This happened last Friday at 6:30 am. Here’s the article from KATU with a photo of the area.
    This is very close to the freeway 205 on ramp where I saw homeless people camping/sleeping 6 feet from the FREAKIN FREEWAY ONRAMP!! A couple of days after I saw that with my own eyes, a lady spun out on that same onramp and ran over two people sleeping inside the tent. The problem here is absolutely out of control!!

    So a guy comes down to the parking garage, hits the door opener and drives out on his way to work. At 6:30 am. It’s still dark. The person sleeping up next to the garage door does not budge when the door opens. The car goes bump. Guy gets out. The person is beneath his car. No movement? No crying out? No nothing? Drunk? Doped? Both? Gets back in and goes bump again. NOW he can see what the problem is. Oops. Calls 911. Poor him. Read the article I linked. Here’s the killer quote:

    “Sometimes people are sleeping in unexpected places, so when people are moving about and driving about it is worthwhile to keep that in mind and look out for others,” Sgt. Kevin Allen said.

    Yeah people sleeping in the road, the driveway, the alley, the onramp and WE have to watch out for THEM. Sheesh. It’s pitiful. I saw two homeless people and a DOG crossing a divided highway with a median barrier and absolutely NO SHOULDERS. During rush hour commute. It’s insane.

  18. Hmm, this is starting to sound like an excellent marketing opportunity for the Ronco Pedestrian and Small Pet Catcher that mounts on the front end of your TESLA. If marketed correctly these things could be mandatory in SF, Portland, Seattle, and L.A. Tax Payer funded, naturally.

  19. Yeah, maybe I came off a little harsh, but it’s because it’s insane to blame the person who has no idea a person is sleeping next to their garage door.

    As for feeling a bump and moving again and feeling another bump, again it’s not like there is that many feet between front and rear tires, not expecting a person to be asleep at your garage door, most people are not going to think, “damn I just ran over someone.” You’re more likely to think, “is something wrong with my car, flat tire(or because I’m rural, a rock, tree branch, a ball, I’ve popped many of my kids basketballs and footballs over the years). Second bump is going to make you get out and look for obvious problems.

    I’m sure now that he’s ran over a sleeping person, he’ll always be thinking a sleeping person might be in his way and it won’t happen again.

    Starting off calling a person a jackass as if he intentionally ran someone over is bs. IF the cops who were at the scene thought that he would be sitting in jail. This man who you call a jackass has to live with this the rest of his life.

  20. OMG, Cynic!!!
    I almost forgot about Rachel Corrie, aka, St. Pancake.

    Rachel Corrie went to Palestine to fight the “wicked Jews”,
    But all she got was fifteen minutes on the Evening News.
    She tried to stop the IDF by jumping on a Cat.
    Now she’s going home to Washington Flat! Brat!

    HAH. She was a student at Evergreen State protesting the IDF demolishing terrorist hideouts in Gaza.

  21. gin blossom I think your the reason for the homeless problem with your retarded thinking. Get a grip! You are not helping anyone. You are the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. You are exactly right MerryMouse! Until and unless you have been in and around Portland, you have no concept of what’s going on. The homeless right along the freeway and on the streets, a big hazard!

    Your description of the poor man pulling out of his garage at 6:30 in the morning, in the dark, is spot on.

    Who in the world would even think someone was laying in their own driveway, below the vision of the trunk of his vehicle. You are ready for a pedestrian walking, you are not prepared for someone sleeping on the pavement. A normal citizen would never conceive of it.

  23. so now, you have to check if there’s someone sleeping in your driveway BEFORE you pull out…..

    and, of course, you can’t PREVENT them sleeping in your driveway….that would be DISCRIMINATION……

    i don’t have to worry about this….i live in a red state where i can see the whole of my driveway, and could get a neighbor to come and backhoe anyone out of my way…..

    you only get a homeless problem if you make the homeless welcome……

    ….WE DON’T…..

    if you DON’T build it….they WON’T come…..

  24. @Burr ~ right you are! …. it should read “SUV Runs Over Homeless Person!”

    … “News at 11:00”

  25. & now we know why train engines had cow-catchers attached to them

    … soon to be a mandatory requirement on all vehicles on the left coast

  26. I’m also in the Portland metro area, yes it’s crazy. Saw a homeless person run across I84 (just as it comes off I5 and drops down on the other side of the river) at 6:30 am (rush hour) with his bag of McDs & coffee, we were all traveling about 55mph and had to hit the brakes because he didn’t care about the cars.
    I’ve seen lots of videos of cars hitting and running over someone, the car doesn’t lift like you think it would {just like a drowning person doesn’t look like a drowning person}. We get so acclimated to thinking certain things have to be a certain way and end up wrongly calling “bs” when they don’t happen exactly that way.
    Gin blossom, hope you never have to find what it feels like.

    Also, I’ve seen videos where someone intentionally sets something in the travel path to cause the driver to get out of their vehicle so the perps can commit the desired crime. Again, hope you never have to find out the hard way that getting out of your car was the last thing you ever did.


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