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Pot Growing Facility Rolls Up A $10 Million Grant

Some background: The Iron Range is a region of Northern Minnesota blessed with a concentration of iron ore deposits that were mined and shipped out on the Great Lakes for decades in the last century. While all that wealth was being dug out of the ground the state knew it wouldn’t last forever and that somewhere down the road they’d have to recover the land and find alternative employment for the people. Thus, the Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Department of Minnesota was created. It siphoned off some of the profits to be used in the future for the wellbeing of the community. The fund that was created is controlled by the Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board or what is known as the “I-Tripple R-B” (IRRRB).

Now for our story provided by KAXE-KBXE

The Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board approved a multimillion-dollar loan request to a Missouri company for a cannabis cultivation and manufacturing facility in Grand Rapids.

In a two-phase project, Highway 35 LLC plans to rehabilitate a former Grand Rapids mill into a cannabis growing and processing facility. The site was once home to the company Ainsworth, which closed the lumber mill in 2008. It’s been dormant since, despite various attempts to redevelop the property over the years.

IRRRB Commissioner Ida Rukavina said the $10 million direct loan through the state agency will be part of multiple public funding streams to put the Iron Range ahead of other regions of the state in this new industry, as well as create jobs and diversify the region’s economy. More

The three republicans allowed to serve on the IRRRB voted against granting this money, but of course Minnesota’s run by democrats so… – Dr. Tar

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  1. They know they can make a bigger profit off of weed than anything else. They will make book on the taxes. Small growers here aren’t making it in the black market since it’s been legalized here.


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