“Poverty Is Sexist” said the $300 shirt

A recap of Sunday … in pictures

Patriot Retort: If it weren’t for Twitter, I wouldn’t have remembered the Golden Globes were Sunday.

Now, I did touch on the “Let’s Wear Black to Absolve Ourselves of Our Own Silence” idea back when it was first announced.

But then, I kinda forgot all about it.

So Sunday night when I saw tweets about the Golden Globes, I was taken by surprise.

This is the level of interest I have in Hollywood awards shows.

But apparently they did follow through and wear black. And that will be the sum total of what these nitwits do to “stand up against sexual assault in Hollywood.”

Well, that and wear a pin that reads “Time’s Up.”

And now that they’ve taken a symbolic stand, they can go back to turning a blind eye to the Hollywood rape culture.

I saw a post either at Variety or Hollywood Reporter – I don’t remember which – that had pictures of the all black gowns. Some of them weren’t so much “black” as sheer and see-through.

Because nothing says, “stop sexually assaulting us” like wearing see-through gowns.

One actress, however, wore a black skirt and a sweatshirt with this moronic statement.  MORE

15 Comments on “Poverty Is Sexist” said the $300 shirt

  1. EVERYTHING Hollywood is militating about, is everything that they can fix internally.

    Stop projecting all of society’s problems onto everyone else when you people have the MOST resources to fix it.

    Thank you.

  2. Oh Lordy, and I like(d) Connie Britton. She has awesome hair and she’ll forever be Tammy Taylor, the coach’s wife, on Friday Night Lights. I wish they’d just ‘be stars’ and stop ruining my favorite shows with the SJW antics on the red carpet.

  3. So, is Oprah just so fucking stupid she spent the last 30 years unware of all the sex abuse going on?

    Or did she spend all that time ignoring and supporting it to further her career and pad her pocketbook?

  4. And Paltry Paltrow is worth…….how much? And she’s donated to charity and the poor………how much?

  5. “Poverty is Sexist”
    A couple thoughts. For a long time I employed right at 50 people. Obamanomics (and Bush2) killed that. So I down sized severely. About twice a month I have some out of work machinist banging on my door almost begging for a pay check to support his wife and children. How in the FUCK is that sexist. This woman needs to be beat until she has no pulse. Because she’s that fucking stupid and we can’t allow her to breed.

  6. “I dress like a slut to make you think about f**king me. But if you think about f**king me you are a sexist pig.”

  7. @TheMule January 9, 2018 at 12:38 am

    > Hollywood needs to be nuked from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

    But we don’t have the technology to be sure we’ve cleaned Hollywood, without spilling over into… What? Oh. Never mind.

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