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PP Gets Josh Whedon to Do Propaganda Ad


Released just this last week, Planned Parenthood rolled out its argument to keep its death clinics “unlocked.” Utilizing the talents of big time Hollywood director Josh Whedon (Avengers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer), the nearly 3 minute piece tells a slanted story of three women supposedly helped because PP is accessible to them.

Watch the backward running commercial Here

Steven Crowder calls the ad “evil” and gives it a good fisking starting at the 14:40 mark Here 



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  1. When talking about an eraser head Prog moron I feel it is important to get the idiots name correct, it’s Joss as in: Toss Joss in the septic tank, shovel, shut up.

  2. He makes Marvel movies for Disney, a so called family Company. Yet he propaganizes for an evil entity that destroys Disney’s consumer base. So does Disney support planned parenthood?

  3. Crappy director churning out crappy boring corporate drivel for soul-less Marvel-Disney.

    Go find a necktie and a closet pole to support your weight, fat boy.
    Don’t forget the self pitying goodbye note.

  4. He will stand before Almighty God one day and he will have no excuse. Forget the evil, selfish women, what about the three babies PP helped murder? That is the true result.

  5. Shouldn’t be too hard to create a three minute counter balance.

    Scene1, First Woman:
    Show a twenty something woman in a PP office explaining that she’s about four months pregnant and in some financial trouble and doesn’t really want to abort the baby but doesn’t know what to do. The PP person comforts her telling her that abortion is the best option for the both of them. The pregnant woman silently nodes. Shift the scene to a medical type office where the same PP woman is selling the aborted fetus to research company stating that this one almost got away.

    Scene2 Woman 2:
    Woman sitting in a PP office saying that she wants this baby “gone” because she already has 5 kids from different baby daddy’s. She then goes on to say that all her boyfriends refuse to use condoms and she’s not going to poison her body with the pill so abortion is the form of birth control she uses and besides the “gubmint” pays for it. The PP staffer smiles and nods.

    Scene 3 Woman 3;
    A scared, slightly built woman is sitting in a PP office. She’s obviously very pregnant and close to term. The PP staffer from the first scene comes in a smiles. She informs the woman that it was a touch difficult but she managed to find a doctor willing to perform a late term abortion, today if she wants. The woman nods and the PP staffer excuses herself saying she has to make a few phone calls and could the woman mind signing a few papers, no need to read them they’re just standard forms.

    Planned Parenthood already has a damaged reputation out there otherwise Whedon’s wife wouldn’t have told him to make the video so an opposing one would be a lot easier to make.

    Of course the problem is some douche at youtube would complain and the lefties there would use that an excuse to take it down.

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