PP Gets Thumbs Down

One might assume that the nation’s largest abortion provider and top vocal advocate for women’s health would be tops in patient experience. After reading these Yelp reviews of multiple Planned Parenthood clinics one has to wonder why anyone would ever step foot in one.



Isn’t it time to give other non-profits a chance to address women’s health?

8 Comments on PP Gets Thumbs Down

  1. I read through pretty much all of them. It was like driving by a bad car accident. You just can’t look away.

    The thing is, what those reviews described is pretty much what I would assume the place is like.

    Dark, dirty, dingy, rude, slow, inefficient and sad.

    But I bet they can suck a baby out of a womb as smoothly as Moochelle can suck down a plate of ribs.

  2. PP has no reason to exist on my taxes. I’m already paying for a really good comprehensive county health department that sees all patients, for all reasons, including addiction and mental illness, and gives referrals when indicated.

  3. I’d bet money that every last one of those reviewers was a knee-jerk Obama voter. And I’m amazed that they actually expected a liberal, tax sucking bureaucracy to be concerned with treating them well!

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