Planned Parenthood Turns To a Public Relations Firm

In the face of the growing firestorm over the PP organ harvesting video, the abortion purveyor has turned to Camino Public Relations for their response.


Let’s just say any statement that tries to justify the practice as a “humanitarian undertaking” is not setting the proper tone.

The PR firm plans on trying to discredit those who made the video exposing Planned Parenthood, as if, somehow, whomever the messenger is matters.


Meanwhile, a number of prominent Republicans are starting investigations of PP and calling for defunding the ghoulish profiteers.


11 Comments on Planned Parenthood Turns To a Public Relations Firm

  1. I was corrected yesterday. This is a current video! Sounds like some of them are partial birth abortions!

    Throw the book at them, I mean jail time for the doctors, especially the one in the video.

  2. It will be interesting to hear what the Camino whores come up with that doesn’t lead to “justifying” the use of all bodies of the deceased for “practical” purposes. You know, things like soap, glue, lampshades…

  3. Elisabeth Toledo is the President of Camino and a former VP of Communications for, wait for it….Planned Parenthood! Not a big surprise I guess. Having said that Camino is a huge collections of lefties working for social groups, non-profits and a few for profits like Twitter. I suspect they’ll be working extra special hard on this one because they won’t be wanting their President having to answer awkward questions about her time as an Sturmbannfuhrer in the camps.

  4. I’m wagering that the person who shot this video has a more likely chance of getting prosecuted and jailed than Dr. Josephine Mengele there stuffing her face.

    That’s because the DoJ is run by communist motherfuckers, and is no longer a viable law enforcement agency. It’s an Orwellian enforcement branch for shitbag leftist dogma now.

  5. I heard several mentions of her munching on salad during her confession. Any bets that she’s a vegetarian because eating meat is cruel?

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