President Directs Executive Branch to Purge “Critical Race Theory” From All Agencies

Tucker Carlson ran an important segment on the poison of racial strife that has been injected into our government since 2011, thanks to an Obama era mandate.

The piece aired earlier this week and included an interview with expert Christopher Rufo who has been documenting the rising prevalence of “diversity training” going on at taxpayer expense. Watch

Now the president has ordered a halt to these insidious programs and a complete cleansing of our federal agencies from this enforced evil. Here

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  1. HOORAY!

    Bill Clinton AND Shitbama, can be classified as “dumbasses” in official gummint publications again! 😀

  2. Anyone doubting President Donald J. Trump’s ability to act presidential need look no further. This cuts off one head of the Hydra headed monster known as political correctness. Hercules would undoubtedly approve.

  3. Who’s actually behind pushing all this race conflict and division stuff to the forefront of almost everything in our government and society today?

    Not the visible ones, but the ones lurking in the shadows of the power structure that actually give the orders that this is the division to be exaggerated and exploited to the fullest to cause chaos among the people. Someone somewhere is and total invisibility is impossible so people need to start concentrating on finding and exposing them.

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  5. As a retired federal employee, I assure you this crap was going on looooong before 2011. Also, considering the demographic makeup of many federal agencies, I have reservations about whether this purge will be successful.
    I’m hopeful but leery.

  6. Anti-racist racist bullshit is what critical race theory is. Bubblegum pop to keep the useful idiots enraged.

  7. Google: “Howard Ross critical race theory” or “Howard Ross white privilege”

    He’s the one.

    From the NY Post in July, 2020:

    “Howard Ross, the consultant who created the training, has been a fixture in what might be called the ­diversity-industrial complex. Since 2006, he has billed the feds more than $5 million for trainings.

    In 2011, he billed the General Services Administration $3 million for “consulting services.” NASA coughed up $500,000 for “power and privilege sexual-orientation workshops.”

    It is somewhat distasteful but crucially important to note that Ross is a white man. He has a bachelor’s degree in history but pitches himself as an expert in “neuro-cognitive and social-science research” and has spent the past three decades selling the ­unscientific snake oil of “unconscious bias.””

    Here’s the rest of the article:

    I started to research this guy when Chris Rufo talked about this on one of the NW conservative talk radio shows back in July.

    There’s not a lot out there on him. I’m still looking for his website.

    Here’s the deal: Federal, state and local gov’t enact screwball anti-discrimination laws — many of which are in fact illegal and are discriminatory against whites or other non-“people of color”, mainly Asians — and then people and companies “suddenly” spring up to offer “training” for the gov’t entities.

    It’s like all the companies who offered “training” to gov’t and private entities in the wake of the strict banking/finance laws (can’t remember the name of the Act, but someone here will), and all the “training” that was sub-contracted to Obamacare “navigators.” We saw the same thing with companies who provided “training” on HIPPA. Billions of dollars in “training.”

    And yes, the people in gov’t who are buying Howard Ross’s bullshit training programs are the permanent, unelected, untouchable Adminstrative Staters.

    I doubt if the linked article exposes even a quarter of what Ross and others have made off the backs of all of us.

  8. As an Army nurse, I had to go to mandatory Race Relation classes in 1972 and continued for my 20 years–so there’s that. This has been around a LONG time.

  9. The only guaranteed paycheck in hard times is a contract with the gov’t or working directly for the gov’t.

    We are a socialist country.

  10. Purging the programs from all executive branch agencies is a giant step in the correction. But another giant step needs to be added.

    Purge all the agency managers that advocated for or approved the programs to be added to the agency training schedule.

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